The Lung Institute Continues Its Battle Against Lung Diseases

While the number of chronic lung diseases is increasing at an alarming pace both in the USA and abroad, the Lung Institute based in Tampa, Florida continues its fight against this health condition with its innovative and state of the art treatments, facilities and a dedicated group of doctors and health specialists.

The Lung Institute was founded with a goal to serve the people suffering from all sorts of lung diseases. It is one of the most common diseases that affect millions of people, and it has become one most serious health concern in the country in recent time. There are different of categories of lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and interstitial lung disease which have a drastic effect on the patient. As conventional and traditional treatments for these health conditions were ineffective and included a number of side effects, Lung Institute has focused on innovative methods and technology to deal with it.

At the Lung Institute, there are some modern and sophisticated treatments for the lung patients. According to Cedars-Sinai, they have a team of well-experienced doctors, researchers, and technologists who have been working on this disease for quite some time and developed a number of innovative treatments for this such as Stem Cell Therapy. This Institute is indeed one of the pioneers in introducing such a radical and transformed approach to deal with lung diseases, and they have already achieved unprecedented success on this.

At the Lung Institute, they have a sophisticated facility for stem cell therapy through which they can harvest, separate and return stem cells into the patients, The stem cells have a unique property to fight with a number of chronic diseases in the human body, but it is quite difficult to administer. This is why; the Institute has developed a team of professionals who are working dedicatedly to perfect this technology. The institute is also involved with some critical research on lung diseases as well as implications of stems cell therapy on lung diseases. In addition to innovative and modern treatments, the institute is also popular for its excellent treatment and service standards.

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Susan P. McGalla is a Mover and Shaker when it comes to the Consultant Industry

Susan P. McGalla is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and consultant. A native of East Liverpool, Ohio she attended Mount Union College and earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Marketing and Business. She grew up in family where she was encouraged to express her good ideas with confidence no matter who the audience was.

Ms. Susan McGalla began her career with the Joseph Horne Company. She found employment opportunities in several managerial and marketing positions from 1986 until 1994, when she joined American Eagle Outfitters (AE). She began as a merchandise buyer for the women’s clothing division and then moved into several managerial roles until she took on the role of President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO). She served in that position for the AE brand until she became the President and CMO of the entire company.

In 2009, Ms. McGalla exited AE and entered the private consultant field. She focused on the financial investment and retail industries. In October of that year, Ms McGalla was appointed to Board of Director’s at HFF, Inc. She left HFF in mid 2012, and summoned her entrepreneurial spirit and established P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She also took on the role of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers.

McGalla and P3 Executive Consulting, LLC became a consultant for the movers and shakers in the financial world, particularly the retail industry. She provides operational efficiencies, talent management, marketing and product branding for clients.
Operating her own company has given her the ability to move her career in the direction she wanted. Establishing her own business is the result of pursuing a field she was passionate about, hard work and employing flexibility when necessary. She points to her hard work and passion for what she does as the success in the equation of her life.

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A Philanthropist Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Formed in 1939, Goettl Air Conditioning has become a leading company in providing air-conditioning services, repair and replacement services of the AC equipment.

The company is customer oriented; its main aim is to provide HVAC system that matches the need, and their budgets while at the same time providing the best air conditioning services. This helps eliminate any stress and discomfort that is brought by HVAC systems that are costly and less effective.

A family that survived for nearly a decade without proper functioning air condition or a heating system and a toilet had all the reasons to smile. Goettl Air Conditioning which as offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and Las Vegas stepped in and helped this family by installing a new air conditioning system, heating system, and a toilet. This service was done without charging the family a single coin. Michael Gamst, who is the manager of Goettl heard this heartbreaking story of the family and made every effort to save them.

Goettl did not just stop there. Together with a nonprofit organization Triple5teens, workers from both sides donated gifts to this family. This had a positive impact on the family and Abana Stephenson, who is the mother of the family, could not hide her joy.

The new air conditioning system helps to save energy hence cutting down the electricity bill by half. This has helped people to conserve energy and help them make savings on their heating bills.

This has been made possible by their “Zone Controlled Heating,” which has proven to be a success. This system makes it easy for people to heat their houses on a room-by-room basis. This allows the homeowners heat the rooms that are required to be heated or to be occupied hence saving energy compared to heating the entire house even the rooms that are not required to be heated. It has also helped to heat the rooms equally as opposed to earlier when one would find one room heated more than the other did.

Through acts as these, Goettl is finding ways of giving back to the society. A family that was living in a deplorable state can now enjoy a great life.

How WEN by Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioners Have Taken Over The Market

Hair care is something that we all must take part in especially if we want to look our best. Not only is it just good for having an attractive appearance, proper hair care is a reflection of self. People tend to judge each other just by looking at someone’s hair and if you don’t take good care of your locks, criticism is sure to follow.

Have you ever heard of the WEN by Chaz hair care line? If you haven’t then you must be living under a rock, in a sense. WEN by Chaz has revolutionized the game for the better and it’s cleansing conditioners are some of the very best on the market. Unlike the competition, WEN products are full of beneficial ingredients that only come from mother nature herself.

One of the brand’s most popular cleansing conditioner is the 5-in-1 Conditioner. This one product alone can replace a full array of hair care items such as shampoo and others. Unlike shampoo, the 5-in-1 Conditioner creates any lather or posses any hidden harmful chemicals. With such strong deep cleansing actions, this formula can be used all year long and it’s shown to a be a great detangler. The competitor’s conditioners tend to be too heavy, which results in having a greasy feeling. This heavy feeling weighs the hair down causing it to lose it’s luster and shine.

Founder Chaz Dean has developed these advanced formulas to be user friendly whether it’s applying or rinsing out. Being a leave-in treatment, the 5-in-1 Conditioner deeply cleans right down to the scalp. It’s time to throw away those chemical formulas unless you want to experience the negative issues down the line. It’s start to start WEN-ing with WEN by Chaz products.

ClassDojo Is Reinventing Classroom Communciation

Teachers are quickly discovering the power of the mobile application, ClassDojo. This app give teachers the power to reinvent their curriculum and the way they interact with their classroom. Several teachers also rave about the ease of staying in constant communication with the parents of their students.


This innovative app was released in June 2011 and rapidly rose in popularity. In fact, about two in three American schools have teachers that utilize ClassDojo in their classrooms. It all started in 2011, when ClassDojo simply allowed educators to give their student’s virtual reward stickers. This reward system allowed parents and teachers to have a constant stream of communication.  See for more related info.


Many have compared ClassDojo’s appearance and userface as a “lavender” Facebook, where teachers have feeds of photos, videos and statuses about their daily lessons and classroom activities. Parents are able to like and comment on any of the posts. This communication platform has fostered a positive culture in classrooms and schools.

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This constant stream of communication helps parents support their child’s academic career. Most of the time, children are not too keen on sharing the day’s lessons with their parents. Instead of playing the guessing game, parents now know how to approach their child to discuss school.


Another reason teachers love this innovative app is the ease of downloading and implementing ClassDojo into their classroom. They don’t need administrative approval or financial support to use the free app.


As the App’s co-founders, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary enjoy this immense success, they are beginning to think about the next step: monetization. The two tech experts explain their plans for creating a huge distribution platform. This sort of educational Netflix would offer educational videos and content to parents to help parents continue the educational process at home.


ClassDojo is a free app available for Apple or Android operating system. It can also be accessed via computer or tablet through its official website. Don and Chaudhary are proud to provide this opportunity for teachers and parents to work together to create the perfect learning environment for students.


ClassDojo is also dedicated to privacy and has several factors built into the app to keep teachers, students and parents safe. Don and Chaudhary want people to realize that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” classroom. Every student is different and ClassDojo allows teachers to create the best classroom experience for their students.

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Highland Capital Management Shines in Philanthropy and Asset Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment company that was established in 1990 by seasoned business executives, James Dondero and Mark Okada. This firm has set up its main service centers in Dallas, Texas.


The company’s background and operations


Okada and Dondero founded this company by entering a calculated partnership with the globally acknowledged Protective Life Insurance Corporation. This joint venture focused on management of secured bank loans and fixed income markets. Three years later, this company transitioned into a Protective Asset Management Company. Its assets were distributed, and Protective Life became the major shareholder while the two founders took 40% shares. In 1997, Dondero and Okada purchased Protective Life and established Ranger Asset Management, which rebranded to Highland Capital Management a few years later.


This firm has grown and expanded its operations. In 2000, the company launched an alternative investment 40 Act platform and a bank loan fund. In 2004, it bought stocks from Columbia Asset Management. Highland Capital Management has offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, and Singapore. This company was among the first financial institutions to launch a non-bank collateralized loan obligation (CLO) service. Since then, the company has managed over 39 CLO’s worth $32 billion in assets. After the CLO project, the company launched new return strategies for its investors followed by two different pension plan accounts in Canada and the U.S. The company offers financial services to corporations, foundations, endowments, wealthy individuals, and governments. Highland Capital is dedicated to providing a diversified range of products while protecting their clients’ capital.


Highland Capital’s philanthropic acts


Highland Capital Management is involved in a variety of charity projects through financial donations, advisory board involvement, and volunteer works. For over a decade, this company has made a contribution of about $10 million to various foundations. Highland Capital has teamed up with The Dallas Foundation to assist in eradicating poverty in the Dallas area. Other beneficiaries of this company’s charitable activities include the Family Place, a counseling center for victims of family violence. Highland Capital donated $1 million to fund the construction of a medical center, shelter bedrooms, call center, counseling rooms, and an animal shelter.

Stephen Rotella, CEO and Philanthropist

Stephen Rotella is a philanthropist and the CEO and President at StoneCastle. StoneCastle offers community banks funding sources and availability to liquidity, treasury professionals cash management solutions and fix income investors income strategies.


Rotella came on board as CEO of StoneCastle Cash Management in 2011 and then in 2012 he became president of StoneCastle Partners, LLC. His 30 years of experience in financial services, which includes retail/internet banking, marketing, organizational development, asset management and operations management compliments the company’s area of expertise within the investment and cash management field.


Under Rotella leadership, StoneCastle acquired assets and licensing agreement with eCD Market LLC in November 2012. This agreement helped to expand the company’s online presence for its institutional clients. Moreover, Rotella felt that clients of StoneCastle would have a more transparent way of constructing an insured CD portfolio through eCD innovative portal.


Steven Rotella was born and raised in Long Island, New York to a middle class family. His Dad was a custodian, who would make extra money on the side by pressing clothes. He sees his upbringing as helping him to learn to respect people.


He is an active philanthropist, serving his community by helping the underprivileged in the arts. Some examples of his involvement include being on the Board of YouthCare, The Seattle Foundation and ArtsFund.


In 2015, he became the new Chairman of LIFT’s National Board. Before becoming Chairman of LIFT, he served as chair of their development committee, giving counsel to the organization as they moved forward with the advancement of services to low income parents.


He earned his BA in Economics in 1975 at State University of New York at Stony Brook and his MBA in Finance and Information Systems in 1978 from the State University of New York in Albany.


The Greyhound Diaries Are A Window Into America

Doug Levitt set out on an interesting journey many years ago. He wanted to get a view of American society from an angle that is rarely shown. Poverty is an issue that is talked about often. However, numbers and statistics do not bring and emotional value to the suffering that really goes on. Doug Levitt decided to ride the Greyhound bus across the country and share the unique perspective of the travelers that he has associated with. Choosing the bus was an interesting method to gain insight on the subject. Most people who rely on the bus for transportation can’t afford alternative options. It is an environment that brings all sorts of individuals together who have a circumstance in common. Doug Levitt spent seven years riding the bus around the country, logging over 70,000 miles. He is telling the story of his experience through song, photos and video. The content captures the underbelly of an impoverished American community who deal handle their situations with amazing resiliency.

The Greyhound Diaries are an attempt to uncover a shadowy side of the American landscape. Many people who live in poverty have accepted their fate. They’ve grown accustomed to dealing with life at a certain level. Doug Levitt observes the fact that there is far less social media interaction between those riding the bus as opposed to traveling by other means. It is a reflection that even something as common as Twitter or Facebook is limited to those who did not have the same means as others.

Levitt hails from Washington DC. He went to college at Cornell University. Later Doug got the opportunity to study abroad. He spent time in London attending the London School of Economics, but decided to switch careers while in abroad. He returned to the United States and moved to Nashville Tennessee in pursuit of a singer-songwriter career. This was where he began his work on the project that would become the Greyhound Diaries. Levitt has performed all over the country including homeless shelters. He has collaborated with notable musicians in his career thus far, including David Henry, Steve Bowman and Craig Wright.


OSI Group Has A Tradition Of Excellence

OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolsckowsky in the early 1900’s. Otto migrated to the United States from Germany and began with a meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. He ran the business with his family and soon became a trusted distributor of meat to other food businesses in the area. He named his company Otto and Sons.

A few decades later Otto and Sons was discovered by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was opening his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois and needed a local meat distributor that could handle the heavy volume that he was expecting to sell. Otto and Sons lived up to the demanding request of the McDonald’s organization. They introduced several innovations that allowed their business to maintain a successful working relationship with Ray Kroc’s phenomenally growing enterprise.

Cryogenic freezing allowed the meat distributor to store large amounts of product while maintaining it’s freshness. Otto and Sons also introduced the patty cutting machine. The cutting machine gave the company the ability to deliver McDonald’s their product in the form they intended to use it. Otto and Sons soon became a favorite of Ray Kroc. McDonald’s went on to become an international powerhouse in the food industry and Auto and Sons was it’s exclusive meat provider.

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Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Industries. OSI opened a plant in West Chicago with the intentions of developing business relationships with other fast food organization. The client list include Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks. There are 65 plants operating in 17 different countries. OSI prides itself on providing opportunity for those who are looking to have a career with an exciting organization. They have focused recruiting efforts in various areas such as the Asia-Pacific, Poland, the UK, Hungary, Germany and the United States. OSI recently purchased Tyson Foods as an effort to expand its operations and also save hundreds of jobs.

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Ricardo Tosto: Business Legal Advice In Brazil

If you are planning to start or purchase a business in Brazil, it is extremely important that you get legal guidance. Lawyers are available to provide needed legal advice and guidance as you start and operate your business.When it comes to issues pertaining to business structure, breach of contract, shareholder dispute and corporate governance, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for assistance.

Corporate governance is the structure of rules, practices, and processes that guides the way an organization communicates with stakeholders and investors, achieves objectives, and measures performance. It also works as a system of checks-and-balances designed to hold corporate leaders accountable.In today’s business environment companies are expected to do more than just boost profits for shareholders. In fact, businesses are expected to generate a profit while also demonstrating good corporate character through ethical behavior, environmental awareness, and responsible governance practices.

When this happens, it can lead to a loss of shareholder confidence, which will certainly put the future of the establishment at risk. Any small or mid-sized business that does not have an in-house legal department should consider enlisting the services of a reputable lawyer in building a solid corporate governance plan.Corporate governance has a huge influence on every aspect of the company, including the decision-making process of the corporate entity. Such issues include intellectual property matters, company litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance issues. Additionally, the principles direct the relationship between the board of directors, management, and all other stakeholders.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been providing superior representation in business related disputes. He also spends time rendering top notch advice and guidance to businesses and other establishments. His clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, multinational companies and all others who desire quality legal services in Brazil.Mr Ricardo Tosto works with an enterprise’s board of directors to form, enhance, and in some cases overhaul the corporation’s governance policies. He combines his extensive corporate and business experience and legal insight to help enterprise leaders make informed choices for the long-term benefits of the organization.