A lesson to learn from Mike Baur’s success story.

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who succeeded in getting through challenges that face many young entrepreneurs who venture in a field of fierce competition among existing organizations. The courage to challenge strong rivals is one that not many entrepreneurs can overcome. Mike Baur is one example that startup entrepreneurs should emulate. Mike had felt the desire to be a successful entrepreneur from a young age, and that is something familiar with many others. After going through an apprenticeship at Union Bank of Scotland, Mike gradually elevated himself to a senior position of the Assistant Managing Director of the bank by 2000. He observed many business opportunities in the banking industry from a different perspective having held the top position in finance. He offered advisory services to many wealthy Swiss investors seeking financial guidance from him. Mike Baur also became the youngest banker to be given such a huge responsibility in the history if the banking sector.



Baur’s hard work attracted the Chief Executive of Clariden Leu Bank, and he hired him to head the Zurich branch. His role was to seek solutions to the challenges that were facing the bank at the time. The financial crisis at that time and the fear of some of his associates to meet the challenge frustrated his ambition to revive the bank. He eventually left the banking industry to venture in startup entrepreneurship. Mike Started Swiss Startup Factory which is a business incubator based in Zurich Switzerland. It’s a privately financed sponsored by private parties. Many of search incubators were subsidized by the government, but his company was different. He founded Swiss Startup together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer as the Managing partners. Since the incubator was in private hands, entrepreneurs would use their freedom of innovation to the maximum without rules or bureaucratic challenges.



Baur overcame the challenges despite the fact that only 30% of the new businesses that joined the incubator was in finance. However, he succeeded in attracting different industries, and today Swiss Startup Factory is one of the top privately financed incubators in Switzerland. To succeed in entrepreneurship can never be straightforward but one is supposed to seize opportunities decisively. If Mike Baur decided to stick at the Clariden Bank and work under Credit Suisse, the chance to start the incubator would have passed by, but he decided to bite the bullet and managed to start a successful company in a few years.



Treatments Osteo Relief Institute offers to Osteoarthritis patients

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in the world.It is incurable and keeps on degenerating over time. It starts as a result of wearing out of the soft tissues between joints; making them weary and stiff due to dryness, swelling and pain.

Causes of Osteoarthritis


Excess weight gain poses pressure on the joins as they try to support the weight. The joints become weak with time due to the stress while supporting the weight. This leads to cartilage damage leading to osteoarthritis. Read more about Osteo Relief Institute at Crunchbase.

The family history of Osteoarthritis.

Families with the history of osteoarthritis have high chances of developing it as they inherit or contact it due to gene transfer.


Old people are prone to osteoarthritis. It affects old women than men. As one grows old, the joints and cartilage wear out over time leading to osteoarthritis.

Previous injury

When one gets involved in traumatic injuries especially on the joints, in the process of healing the injured area may fail to treat appropriately. With time the pain worsens thus developing Osteoarthritis.

Other causes of osteoarthritis are cartilage damage from birth, repetitive movement of a particular joint hence causing the stiffness between the joints causing pain and inflammation and finally lead to Osteoarthritis.

Treatment of Osteo arthritis offered in the Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo relief institute provides physical and occupational therapies that help the patients to manage their pain to carry out their daily activities. Osteo Relief institute also offers warm and cold treatments to the patients. The warm and cold therapies are administered by useof cold packs, hot packs coolant spray to reduce pain and stiffness of the affected area.

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Exercise and diet

Osteorelief institute gives specific routine exercise and diet advice to osteoarthritis patients on how to go about managing themselves. Themenu in most cases involves taking foods that lead to weight loss to overweight patients. Osteo relief institute emphasizes on daily exerciseto its patients to keep their muscles and joints healthy and active

Medical treatment.

Osteo relief institute provides the patients with drugs that help decrease inflammation and pain on the damaged joints. These drugs include painkillers,sprays, and creams that can be taken and applied to manage to soothe the area and reduce the inflammation.

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The Fight For Political Funding Transparency Through End Citizens United

In 2015, there were concerns about how Corporations were donating large sums of money to political figures in order to assist them in the United States elections. These corporations were people who had the intentions of having a say in the running of the country but did not want to be traced. This is when End Citizens United, ECU, was formed to stop these funding. ECU is supported by donations and their main purpose is to make a push for the election of candidates who stand for pre-reforms. In just five months, they had raised two million dollars from different donors who supported their cause.

The Supreme Court is the one that had decided to support the Citizens United move, huge political donations, in 2010. As much as some Republicans were also on the same page with the effects of the huge donations, ECU backed up the Democrats who stood for pre-reforms. This was because the Republican leaders were the ones who were mostly fighting against the nullification of the Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United vowed to support even Republicans and Independents who stood for pre-reforms. End Citizens United is standing up for a finance reform. They encourage people to support them in this fight so that the country can be well led without other motives due to the huge sums of donations given to political leaders.

Read more: Activist Investigations Uncover Russian Meddling According to End Citizens United

As a Political Action Committee, ECU is keeping their eyes on the makers of the law as they wait for their financial reforms to be supported. They are working on ending the secret and unlimited funds that are given to politicians with other motives. They are also working on finding solutions to the rigged systems that have been put in place. They are doing this through placing ballot measures, electing reformed finance leaders and having their voices heard in the country. Ending the Citizens United is their main goal since this is the organization that supports this kind of funding.

When Citizens United was formed, it got done away with the law that was aimed at bringing down the levels of corruption in the systems that conducted elections. Any candidate who is under the pressure of corrupt donors who want their special needs attended to is supported by the ECU. The fight against the Citizens United is being led by the Democrats. ECU depends on the activists from grassroots for their funding. They are very transparent about how money from Donors should be spent and they lead by example. As of August 2015, three hundred and twenty-five thousand people had signed the petition that ECU had written to the Congress seeking to have the Citizens United reforms. The number was anticipated to rise due to the number of people who supported Hillary at the time. ECU vows that it will not stop its campaigns and reform moves until dark money can no longer be given to politicians.

Find more about End Citizens United: http://www.factcheck.org/tag/end-citizens-united/

Aloha Construction Supports the Local Community Through Donations and Sponsorships

It is a good idea for small businesses to give back to the local community. There are many benefits to giving back and getting involved in your neighborhood, town or city. This can include better standing in the community, an increased awareness of products and services you offer and the creation of business and social connections that can be useful. Of course, doing good things in the community also creates an inner joy of having done something charitable and helping someone in need.

An easy way to give back to the community is by simply getting involved with local organizations, charities or groups. You might be able to donate time, labor, expertise or materials to a project for example. A local church may need someone to help them repair their structure or a school may need assistance to fix their athletic facilities. If you are busy, you can always donate money to an organization you support or align with in values.

Another excellent way to give back and support the community is by establishing your own charitable foundation. Having your own foundation gives you some advantages instead of just writing a check to another group or charity. You can much more closely decide how the money is spent and where it goes. A charitable foundation can also be a way of writing off taxes. This is how you can support a cause or initiative that is close to your heart in the community while at the same getting some tax benefits.

If you don’t want to go down the route of creating a foundation or getting involved with local community groups, than there is another option available for you. It involves simply sponsoring a local event, show or sports team. This can be a farmer’s market, a fair, a performance, concert or minor league sports team. You will be supporting a local cause or event and get your brand out at the same time.

Aloha Construction is a company that gives back to the local community in Lake Zurich, Illinois where it is based. It is a roofing, siding, gutter, and window repair and replacement contracting company. CEO Dave Farbaky has established his own foundation which provided a shopping spree to four local kids. His company also sponsored a local high school football team and partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington to provide a day out for children in the area.

Cassio Audi and His Early Music Industry

Cassio Audi is recently working at a financial firm but has gained access to the profession that he pursues. It is worth noting and also appreciates that Cassio Audi made investments in the business field at an early age. Cassio Audi was doing nothing before but just being a fan of the famous Viper Rock. In 1985 Cassio brought transformation as he joined with his friends and formed a music team. Cassio Audi the completely got himself involved with all the activities of the team. This decision he made prior his entry into the world of business.

Cassio Audi was motivated and inspired by the rising British tune of heavy metal and the iron maid. Cassio Audi always got himself involved with the tool during the spring season. Cassio Audi had passion in music and seriously undertook his activities seriously. Cassio Audi’s devotion to the music implied a bright future alongside his music career.

Cassio Audi grew his prowess in the drums, and soon his competence was known all over the world. Cassio Audi’s fame in skillful drums play reached the pick when The Killer Sword was released in 1987. Songs included on the album include Killera the prince from hell together with the Nightmare. Analysis of the album shows that the team has the skill in music mixed with a gift. This is regarding the fact that the team is non-English. It implied that the goal that the band was targeting would be with no doubt reached. Critics said that the group’s skills needed to be sharpened and tuned. Otherwise, the group’s performance deemed them as talented in music. Cassio Audi graduated with a degree in business administration. But in addition to this, Cassio Audi has now gained an extra skill and experience to boost his professional track.

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Adam Milstein, Impacting History

Through time, Adam Milstein has come to be a role model to a number of different philanthropists as a direct result of his devotion to philanthropic work. His understanding and experience, along with his way of strategizing his philanthropic work have led him to become their defacto leader. Last season, Adam Milstein was recorded as an astounding number 187 on the list of the most notable 200 influential philanthropists on earth. The study was done by Richtopia, a notable publication based in London, and a refutable social media ranker called Growth. Together, they give us an image of a strong man in the prime of his philanthropic career, and Adam Milstein’s Twitter followers might agree. Due to his philanthropic work, Adam Milstein was also recorded as being one of the leading 100 individuals that are affecting the Jewish lifestyle in a very favorable way today. But, he’s not just a fighter for the Jewish-American cause. Adam Milstein has made a name for himself by fighting for other socioeconomic classes and races. He’s demonstrated his ability to lead all nations and all races in the cause for equality.

Adam Milstein’s philanthropy sprouted from a tiny seed of simple observation: the Israeli citizens residing in the USA had to be permitted to fully grasp their individuality as Israeli-Americans. The right to owning a basic identity.The right to knowledge of self.

His efforts were instrumental in bringing about the monumental “Maccabee Campus Summit.” The summit brought together many different companies to discuss the efforts of harnessing the power of community support in an effort to conquer hate groups spreading lies and anti-Semitism through demonizing Israel (the Jewish Country) on college campuses within America. The summit brought awareness to the severe problem of hatred within America.

Adam Milstein can be heralded as the modern freedom fighter the Jewish-American community needs. He has successfully brought to light many problems faced within America and Israel. His philanthrophy stands as a pillar of strength for those in need of a voice; his followers on Twitter often like and retweet his inspirational sayings. We can be confident that Adam will change the world and impact history.

Read More: www.crunchbase.com/person/adam-milstein#/entity

Master Architect Robert Ivy And His Unique Outlook On The Future Of Architecture

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects or AIA. The AIA is the premier organization for representation of licensed architects and design professionals. It has existed since 1857, and Robert Ivy has been its CEO since 2011. He is a widely recognized authority on design.

Before his position as CEO of the AIA, Mr. Ivy served as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record magazine. This publication became one of the most widely read magazines in the architectural industry. Under Ivy’s leadership, the Architectural Record achieved the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. This was an unusual achievement for a professional magazine.

The architectural fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi, honored Mr. Ivy for his dedication to the overall value of structural designs. The fraternity also granted Mr. Ivy the title of Master Architect, and he is the only one to have been granted this title during the 21st century. Only seven other architects have been granted this title during the fraternity’s century of existence. Others with the title include Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M. Pei, and Mies van der Rohe.

Ivy Is an Architectural Scholar and a Forward Thinker

Robert Ivy is an expert on Euine Fay Jones, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. Ivy has written the definitive biography of Jones. The book, entitled Fay Jones: Architect, is widely read among university students and within architectural circles.

The future of architecture is always on Ivy’s mind. At the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative meeting, Ivy spoke of the AIA’s commitment to studying the future of architecture. Ivy stated that architects can use their designs to improve public health, and research grants, community planning, and digital programs can facilitate research into this area.

According to Ivy, architects play a central role in most people’s lives. He believes that a greater national dialogue is necessary for the profession, and such dialogues could mitigate the economic, social, and creative challenges facing modern architects.

Mr. Ivy completed a bachelor’s degree at the University of the South in Tennessee, and he finished a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. He began serving on the AIA’s College of Fellows in 1993. He is proud to be the CEO of the AIA, and he believes the AIA represents the highest professional standards.

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Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a prominent business executive in the Latin America region, more so in Brazil. Cassio Audi is an expert in the finance industry. However, what many people do not know is that he did not start his career in the finance industry right from his childhood. Before joining the financial industry, Cassio Audi was in the music industry. This was during his teenage years. Cassio Audi describes his early life as full fun and excitement. As a teenager, he had run a successful music career. He also influenced the growth of his original rock band.

Cassio Audi joined the Viper Rock Band when he met his band partners who included Pit Paddarel, Felipe Machado Andre Machado, and Yves Passarel. They decided to form a band together and partner in music production and performances. 1n 1985, the Viper Rock Band started its operations officially. All the members were given a role to play. Cassio Audi since his earlier life was interested in musical instruments and when the group was formed he took up the role the drummer. During his tenure in the musical band, Cassio Audi was loved by the fans for his excellent drumming skills. Cassio Audi says that the band was thrilled by this experience. They were inspired by the Iron Maiden. This was a British heavy metal band that was very popular at the time.

The Viper Rock Band released their first album known as The Killer Sword. This first album received a huge reception from the audience especially the young people. The rock music was very appealing to the young generation. Some of the tracks in the album were great hit songs and reverberated well the fans. In 1987, the Viper Rock Band released their first official album which was called Soldiers and Sunrise. The band also engaged in a world tour during which Cassio Audi prowess in drumming was proved to be exceptional.


Jason Hope Shares Great Insights On What The Internet Of Things Holds For Us

As far as business mentors go there are very few who think and act like Jason Hope. Jason, the founder of Jawa, a company that specializes in mobile communication, is known to many as a futurist and philanthropist. Jason Hope has been in the field of entrepreneurship for some years. He is always on the lookout for new opportunities in the sectors of social entrepreneurship and technology. It is a well-known fact that those who can identify the potential of technology at its infancy stand to gain more when the technology finally takes off. The next big thing in the world of computer technologies is the concept of the Internet of Things. When the internet is integrated with smart devices, a lot of business opportunities are realized.

Jason Hope has always had his eyes fixed on emerging technologies. His ability to spot opportunities in different sectors has enabled him to come up with some of the most successful enterprises in the US. Lately, the entrepreneur has been at the forefront in championing scientific research on the concept of the IoT. The Internet of Things has the potential of disrupting various industries such as manufacturing and real estate. That is why hawk-eyed entrepreneurs such as Jason Hope have resorted to devote the resources to the advancement of this technology.

For Jason, the Internet of Things ushers a new world of opportunities to people and businesses. Today most of the manufacturing processes have been automated. What remains is the ability of individuals to communicate with some of the objects in their physical environment. If the Internet of Things is applied for the betterment of the society, a lot of problems can be solved. Individuals will be able to accomplish several tasks in one go therefore saving a lot of time. Companies will be able to run various business processes concurrently increasing the total output.

Smart Technology is no longer a fad for the elites in the society. Smart technology has become a significant component of our modern lives. With more businesses and people relying on smart technologies to accomplish specific tasks, new advancements in this space are expected.

Advances in computer technologies have enabled us to have useful devices such as smartphones. Time has come for us to usher a new age technology called the Internet of Things. This technology intends to help individuals and businesses accomplish more work within a brief period to learn more about us: https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/ click here.

Jason Hope’s involvement in research enables him to gather a lot of knowledge. The entrepreneur is a technology commentator. He always makes it a point to share his knowledge with budding entrepreneurs in different sectors of the economy.

Attention, Please!

Listen up, friends and family members of a loved one who is currently incarcerated: Securus Technologies is here for you, and it promised to offer inmate call solutions for the moments that most matter. If you want a fast, affordable and proven call plan to phone your loved one, then Securus Technologies is number one on the list, and that must be for a good reason, right? Indeed, the company’s knowledgeable, well-known and reputable in many of its aspects, still regarded as one of the world’s best inmate communication suppliers.


Securus Technologies offers phone services, video services, jail voicemail solutions, email services, money transfers and other types of customer care that are unparalleled. There are countless ways to speak to or with your incarcerated loved one; you can even send money, if you’d like. The options are endless. Interstate and in-state calls are no problem either and can be done instantly. The FCC regulates all rates, terms and conditions for this supplier, along with those for countless other prisons and similar suppliers across the U.S.


Instead of waiting in endlessly long lines in jail, just to hopefully catch a few brief glimpses of your loved one, you can now use Securus Technologies to speak to him or her from the comfort of your home. You can even get phone or video access on the very day you sign up for a plan and deposit money into the account; you may also reload the account with fresh funds 24/7. There is never an excuse to remain out of reach or touch as all is conveniently provided.


Securus Technologies’ Online Video Visitation platforms works similarly to the traditional through-the-glass visit that most prison visitors are used to – only that it conducts itself 100-percent online and offers longer spans of visiting time. In fact, it may even run outside of normal “allowed visiting hours” as long as your loved one has access to a laptop in his or her cell. Such access is usually permitted by the local guard, in the exception that the inmate retains good standing in the facility.