George Soros: Making A Stronger Presence In Asia

George Soros is one of the most successful investors in the United States. He managed to earn more than $26 billion net worth, but he shocked the world when he announced that $18 billion from his net value will now be transferred to his foundation, the Open Societies Foundation. George Soros also stated that he would be donating another $2 billion to the Asian counterpart of the Open Societies Foundation. When asked about why he is giving out his money just like that, he answered humbly that he is already old, and the money he made through the years can be used in a better way by giving it off to charities and foundations. The Open Societies Foundation is actively financing groups and organizations which are rallying behind liberal views, and according to the officers who are running the team, they will be using the donation from George Soros to advance his will of informing the people about a liberal society and helping those who need assistance. The Open Societies Foundation has been actively participating in philanthropic activities across Asia, hoping that they would be able to infiltrate the continent which rejects any form of liberalism.

In Asia, the counterpart of Open Societies Foundation is doing their jobs of helping the locals through the finances that are being sent by George Soros. One of the most recent examples of assistance given by the group is when they managed to bring Nepalese military personnel in court. During the early 2000s, Nepal went through a political crisis, where factions who are against the king and factions who support the king clashed. The military was sent out to put an end to the riots, but they started picking up those who are considered as the enemies of the king and tortured them to death. The families of those who were victims of the atrocities by the military asked the Open Societies Foundation for help. With the enormous funding that they have, taking the accused to the court and paying for the lawyers used only a tiny fraction of their budget. The people who experienced oppression under the Nepalese military thanked the Open Societies Foundation for bringing justice to their departed loved ones.

Aside from helping in cases which concerns human rights, the Open Societies Foundation is also active in purchasing equipment that can help the average farmer. In India, the Open Societies Foundation invested in tractors and other heavy equipment that will be given to Indian farmers to help them with their fields. In Mongolia, the Open Societies Foundation asked the government to intervene and put an end to the practice wherein children with disabilities are not allowed to go to school. The Open Societies Foundation also campaigned to clean the rivers and water bodies in Thailand and Indonesia, and they wrote to the factories to stop making the river a giant trash bin. The Open Societies Foundation has helped a lot of people from all over the world, and all of it is possible because of the philanthropy of George Soros.

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Jason Hope is a businessman based in Scottsdale who has a passion for helping others and focuses on fields such as; education, scientific research, and therapies for diseases. Due to his knowledge and passion for technology, he makes forecasts about the future of technology based on the current trends. He states that the future of technology in the modern society is based on the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) According to his predictions; the future of businesses will be technology-based as more and more devices are becoming wirelessly connected. He advises that all those who want to make a profit in the future they should start capitalizing on technology. Jason Hope attended the Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He later attended the W.P. Carey School of Business in the same university where he got his MBA.

Jayson Hope recently wrote a new book; Understanding the Internet of Things: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era. This book explains in details how the Internet of Things works. The Internet of things is a web of devices that can connect to the internet or are connected to each other. When devices such as smartphones, washing machines, lamps and coffee machines are connected to each other wirelessly, a person’s life is made much easier. This is because someone can operate any electronic by simply using the smartphone. IoT also makes life much safer as one can operate security systems which are installed in their houses or offices even when they are away.

The IoT will bring a lot of positive changes to commerce, through advancing communications, correctly registering inventory as well as tracking orders made by customers. He states that there will be an introduction of robots with knowledge in the medical field that will easily do procedures while being coordinated by a doctor. There are many possibilities as the internet of things will connect individuals with devices.

Jason Hope is a futurist whose philanthropic work has shown his support and care for the community. He donates money to different organizations in Scottsdale as well as other humanitarian organization that is working towards refining the future through technology. He also donated to an anti-aging group that uses technology. He is very interested in financially supporting people to pursue technology that improve education and healthcare. Recently, he has started research on the positive and negative effects of politics on commerce.

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How Market America Sets Itself Up as The Unfranchise

One of the first things that people need to understand about Market America is that it is an unfranchise. This is a lot different from a franchise in some of the most important ways. While people will still own their business with this unfranchise, there are advantage that people have that regular franchises don’t offer. People that are used to franchises are going to find this to be one of the best and most convenient aspects of the business. After all, it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to profit and grow their business because of these particular advantages.

One thing that people have to deal with when it comes to franchises are the monthly fees. They have to pay franchising fees and monthly royalties. This can cut into their earnings. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are earning tons of income so that they will be able to support themselves. The ways of Market America makes it a little easier for the entrepreneur in that he does not have to pay all of these fees. This especially makes it easier for the entrepreneur who is not making that much money with his regular job and is in need of a separate source of income.

Another thing that Market America does for its entrepreneurs is make it so that they don’t have to work full time. Given that there are nowhere near as much expenses as with franchises, this makes it easier for the entrepreneur to make money and grow his business. It also gives him the ability to choose whether or not he wants to work full time. However, he is going to have to put in the right type of work so that he can make profits from his franchise. This shows that Market America is the right type of opportunity for people that are looking for something that can help them get in the door of being financially independent.

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Adam Milstein

Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein is the eldest of three children. In 1971, he was recruited into the Israel Defense Forces for compulsory service taking part in the crossing of the Suez Canal in the Yom Kippur War. With completion of his military service, he married his wife, Gila and attended the Israel Institute of Technology, graduating in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and business. Milstein then joined his father in helping develop and regenerate their construction and real estate business.

Three years later, Adam Milstein moved his family to the U.S. and enrolled at the University of Southern California receiving a Master of Business Administration degree. For 3 years he worked for the Hanes Company where he became one of their top listing and selling agents with a portfolio of thousands of apartments and millions of square feet of commercial properties.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli American Council’s National Board of Directors, a Jewish organization whose mission is to generate a united Israeli-American community strengthening the next generation’s bond with Jewish-Americans. He is involved with many other organizations one of them being SifriyatPijamaB’America offering free monthly books in Hebrew to thousands of Israeli-Jewish-American families in the U.S.

Adam Milstein is a renowned philanthropist and real estate broker who along with his wife in 2000 founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation sponsoring students in discovering their Jewish roots and educating them about the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

In 2015 Adam Milstein arranged an event bringing together more than 50 organizations to defeat anti-Semitism on American college campuses. Milstein has written many opinionated articles opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. which threatens both Israel and Western nations. Twitter regards Milstein as one of the top 25 users of their media and in 2016 he was regarded as one of the top 100 people to influence Jewish life.

Adam Milstein is a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, has three children, three grandchildren and lives in Encino, CA with his wife.

George Soros: Making America Great Again

There are a lot of articles coming out about George Soros, billionaire hedge fund manager. Most of them are good, but there are a few that make him look like an evil man. JPost recently posted a story about those right wing stories. First off, right wing conspiracy theorists believe that George Soros is trying or already does control the world.

Probably one of the weirdest things he’s accused of doing is financially supporting both sides of the Charlottesville tragedy. Apparently, he funded the white-nationalist rally so that his other organizations to join together and “fight a great evil”, making himself look like a hero.

Of course, none of the conspiracies are backed by any real evidence. He’s also been accused by political candidate Roy Moore, who says Soros hired women to falsely accuse him of sexual assault. Again, this is a claim that no one has any evidence to support the claim.
Most of this hatred aimed at Soros is because of his political stance. He’s not a Republican, so Republicans have made him a target of much of their anger. It’s easier to get away with talking about a guy who’s just trying to make the world a better place.

So far, he’s been doing a pretty good job. For the 30 years, his Open Society Foundations have reached millions of people. While he doesn’t single-handedly support Open Society, his donations certainly make up the majority of the organization’s funding. NY Times reports that he’s donated a total of $18 billion.

That number sounds huge because it is. He didn’t donate all that wealth in a single transfer. Since founding Open Society more than 30 years ago, he’s been donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the organization every year. Recently, it was released that his total was up to $18 billion.

Giving back is something George Soros has always believed in. As the world grows more hateful, he feels a growing necessity to fight against the dark forces. He blames much of this new hate on Donald Trump, for not standing up against it when it first rose.

Open Society is a foundation that helps all those in need when it can. It promotes democracy and fights to establish and protect human rights in more than 120 countries. IT’s one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world.

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All The Buzz About Organo Gold

You may have heard about the Organo Gold brand or the company in the news or on social media recently. But what are they? What products does the make and what does the company do?

Organo Gold is known mostly for their use of the Ganoderma mushroom in their products.

This herb is Asian in origin and is praised throughout the world for its potential health benefits. The fungus known as Ganoderma lucidum has been used for centuries to cook with and as a dietary supplement. It also can be used in skin care products and tooth paste and beverages. Ganoderma has even been referred to as “The King Of Herbs” and its uses can even be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. Shop now at

Organo Gold uses Ganoderma in a variety of products.

Some of these include their line of gourmet coffees, teas, hot cocoa, soap, dental care, supplements, and more. With a variety of products and fair prices, it’s no wonder that Organo Gold has become a hot topic. Their website is filled with success stories from previous customers and they have been featured in various articles and news stories in recent times.



The company is also known for its generous philanthropy.

To give back to the community, Organo Gold founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the name of the “OG Cares Foundation”. Their mission is focused on helping the youth of today in becoming the future leaders of tomorrow. Since it’s founding, OG Cares has helped countless young men and women all over the world. Watch this video on Youtube.


Dr. Clay Siegall & The Future of Cancer Research

The fight against cancer has been going on for decades and decades. There has been numerous advancements in this demanding field, but the 21st century has produced some of the most innovative advancements. These advancements come in the form of antibody-based therapies, and they are saving lives at a more efficient rate. Seattle Genetics is the cream of the crop when it comes to fighting cancer. This company has been around since 1998, and it has produced some of the very best antibody-based therapies. ADCETRIS, the company’s flagship drug, has brought in over $350 million. This one drug has helped Seattle Genetics’ stock rise considerably over the past few years.

On the other hand, Dr. Clay Siegall is the captain of the ship, and he has been steering this gigantic ship to success. He just so happens to be the president and the CEO of Seattle Genetics. The passion, the fortitude and the perseverance of this man is unquestionable as he’s helped to save thousands of lives. The guy literally holds 15 patents, and he’s an accomplished author. Is there anything that he can’t do? Well, only time will tell for sure. Siegall has experienced cancer on a first-hand basis as a family member of his once struggled with the disease for years. This has only enhanced his focus on delivering. The company itself wasn’t always successful. Capital was being used much faster than it was coming in. This caused Siegall, and his staff to hunker-down. To combat this loss, the company earns capital through multiple avenues. This includes fund raising, production partnerships, licensing of its own technologies and the selling of its proprietary drugs.

As you can see, the future of cancer research is in great hands. Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics will continue this never-ending fight until the last cancer patient is cured.

Talk Fusion CEO and Founder Bob Reina Discusses His Achievements with Talk Fusion

The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion has conducted an interview where he talks about the achievements that Talk Fusion has made and about the hopes of the achievements yet to come. For a business that is leading the way through real time communications, they try to keep video technology at the forefront of their business.


Talk Fusion has been leading the way in technology advancements for years, they contribute being the leader to the fact that they are mass marketers. They use the most advanced mass marketing tools available to connect those online. They are most proud of the large businesses who use the products to make their businesses better or who use the platform to build new relationships and build stronger relationships from those who are already connected to the business.


One of the largest businesses to use Talk Fusion for their video solutions is Norwegian Cruise Lines. They use the platform to increase awareness and build relationships with those connected in the cruise line industry. Just as much as they love to work with the larger companies, they take just as much pride in the fact that they have countless entrepreneurs who are also working to bring better things to their business.


The entrepreneurs that work with Talk Fusion are pleased in the area of the products available to the customers of their business, that they can continue building their brand, allow others to perform a meeting in a face to face program with colleagues and clients.


Another thing that Talk Fusion is most proud of, the Charity Account Program. This program is going to allow the users of Talk Fusion to increase funds of the donations given by non-profits who can use the platform to bring awareness to their cause and by allowing Talk Fusion to offer this service completely free from any charges.


Talk Fusion is most proud about the fact that no matter what country you live in, the goal of your business and the industry that you work in, Talk Fusion is all about making things easier for the users of the video communications industry. Learn more:


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Greg Secker, an Ambitious Entrepreneur

Greg Secker is a multi-talented business man, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Out of boredom and availability of opportunities, Greg has been able to get ideas and develop them to solid businesses. He is driven by the desire to offer better living standards to people.

Many people usually have ideas but implementing them becomes a problem. For Greg, he is driven by illusion. He thinks about the perfect results the ideas would bring around rather than the challenges he is likely to face. In an attempt to achieve the perfect results, Greg sees the idea getting implemented.

One thing that Greg Secker appreciates most is the increased consumer awareness. This means that consumers don’t have to be influenced anymore on what to consume or what not to consume. Thanks be to the emergence and development of technology that consumers are able to access information and then chose what they actually want to will satisfy their needs.

The secret behind Greg’s success as an entrepreneur is time. He allows himself some time to think and this way, he is able to put his ideas in order and choose a realistic strategy on how he shall successfully implement them.

Greg seeks power in reading books. He is able to see the world in other people’s perspective through reading their biographies. He also takes interests in reading topics or chapters that he feels having an impact on him.

Greg started his career in Thomas Cook Financial services as a trading technologist. He became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25. He has won an Award for being innovative in e-commerce.

After working in different companies, Greg resigned and started founding his own companies. His creativity has seen them thrive so well and he currently owns over five companies. He actively works as a board member in all of them.

Additionally, Greg owns a non-profit Foundation which he uses to reach out to people with poor living standards and those that are affected by natural calamities. Therefore, he is an active philanthropist despite his tight commitments to the companies.

James Dondero is the Philanthropic Hero Who Adorns A Finance Hat

The prominent James Dondero has been gracing news headlines for decades. What better describes this trend is his effort and contribution to not only the finance sector but also the community, in terms of charity. Currently, Dondero is the assistant founder and lead executive of Highland Capital Management. His roles in this firm reflect his commitment and competent nature. Dondero is also the head cheerleader of NexPoint Trust, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management. His roles often encompass offering viable, financial advice to clients. Aside from that, Dondero is a leader in various companies. Perhaps that is why he is fondly upheld and regarded for his input in the industry of finance. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Before Dondero Joined Highland Capital Management

Prior to joining Highland Capital Management, Dondero was employed by Cornerstone Healthcare Group. He served as a board member. He also served at CCS Medical, where he was the chairman. At GIC, he was the head of the firm. He successfully held the position of the CEO. Clearly, Dondero has vast experience to man Highland Capital Management. That is not the only docket he brings to the table as he is educated and open-minded in terms of handling business.



To top it all up, Dondero has strong academic credentials. He is a holder of a degree in science and commerce. He also advanced his education by pursuing accounting and finance from the Virginia University. His success, therefore, is attributed to his academic credentials. After school, James Dondero delved into the industry of job seeking. He was lucky to land executive positions as he had garnered vast skills from school. Dondero, therefore, was qualified enough to serve as a portfolio manager for different financial dockets. He presently has the capacity and knowledge to offer financial advice to high-profile clients in Dallas.

Philanthropy Work

Besides working as a finance mogul for the people of Dallas, Dondero is a giver to his community. In fact, most of his success stories are appended to this role. He has crafted the art of reaching out to the afflicted in his community. Dondero has numerously, donated funds towards the development of constructive projects in Dallas. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.