Banyan Hill Reviews Authenticity of Freedom Checks

The investment world has been quite abuzz when Matt Badiali made a video and publicly broadcasted the lucrative possibilities of having access to “freedom checks.” Learn more about Freedom Checks at


According to Matt Badiali there are about 568 companies who are currently issuing the said checks, which are covered by the Statute 26-F. The corporations who are allowed to dispense them can operate tax free but must be able to meet the following conditions:

  1. The companies must generate 90% of their earnings from the production, procession, storage and transportation of their oil and gas products within the United States
  2. The companies must agree to issue the checks to their investors.

Matt Badiali found out about the freedom checks while he was working abroad as a consultant for gas and oil mining companies. It was also there that he discovered the MLPs or the master limited partnerships, which is comprised by the 568 companies mentioned above. And according to Badiali, the profit some individuals make on the said checks ranges from $124,000 to $266,000 per year.


With the general decline of imported oil from the Middle East region, and the upsurge of gas and oil manufacturing within the United States, the corporations involved in the oil and gas production are confident to earn substantial proceeds that qualifies them to make projected payments of about $34.6 billion for the ensuing 12 months.



According to the Banyan Hill, the internet is full of spam offers that promise big sums of money for no or minimal effort. But the freedom checks Matt Badiali has been recommending is first of all legal. And the companies involved are making skyrocketing profits from 5,889% to 8,839% up until 39.832%. So, in simple mathematical terms, a small investment of $1,000 can have returns of as much as $398,000 yearly.


The companies issuing the cited checks are engage in the oil and gas industry. And to be able to meet the requirements of becoming an MLP, the said companies must pay 90% of their total earnings to their respective shareholders. The quarterly or monthly allocations of payments are more or less like stock dividend disbursements. And since they are considered as capital returns, taxes are not levied on them. Read more about Freedom Checks at


Incidentally, MLP shares can be bought just like how ordinary stocks are purchased, and such investments gave Matt and his supporters the opportunity to make ample gains. Hence, freedom checks are legal and are not any form of scam.

Lime Crime: Expression and Beauty For Spring 2018

When it comes to fashion and beauty, the most important aspect to deal with is the artistic aspects of it. It is when women are experimenting and exploring some good looks that they are going to be feeling their best. Lime Crime is built on the understanding that beauty does not have to be so limited. Doe Deere, the founder of this company is one of the people that are helping people have the chance to explore and express who they are at different times of the year. One thing that is surprising is that there are quite a few people that are trying to stop self expression and police what others are wearing when it comes to clothing and make up.

Lime Crime is built on the premise that people should be allowed to wear what they want when it comes to make up. Therefore, the brand is filled with many colors that one would not expect to find in make up. Doe Deere experiments with and demonstrates the different colors of make up so that women will feel a little more encouraged to experiment with their own combinations in make up and not be too worried about how it would look to others.

One of the best times for self expression is the spring. There are a lot of looks that can be used for spring of 2018. Women can also come up with their own looks that are going to amaze and even inspire. Even some of the more unconventional looks are worth looking at for women. This is one of the reasons that Lime Crime has been such a success. It encourages women to let loose and have fun with their looks as opposed to taking fashion and beauty so seriously. One thing that people do not need is to walk around feeling bad about themselves.

Ricardo Tosto- Enjoying His High Flying Career

According to the Brazilian law hiding of properties and other resources in a foreign country is a crime punishable by law states Ricardo Tosto. However, there are at least 13,254 written laws that provide the regulation of any assets for any individual abroad, and this provides a technical and positive between two countries and lawyers. The project took longer time than expected before the Brazilian Congress passed the abroad assets regularization with a fine of 15% and income rate charges of 15% on the total value of assets.

The law passed through in 2016 January. Ricardo Tosto, the famous and renowned lawyer, has decades of experiences and Leite’s, Tosto and Barro’s co-partner believes the move taken by the government of Brazil is perfect for easy repatriation of hidden assets. The documentation of the laws makes it easy for both national and international lawyers to present their cases preventing their clients from being acquitted of any crime.

According to section 13.254 of the Brazilian law, any person who has hidden assets abroad gotten through money laundering, business misconducts, and tax evasion are liable for amnesty. However, any individual who has properties abroad through drug trafficking, corruption and smuggling according to the country law norms are not responsible for pardon.

Fellow lawyer Gil Vicente Gama supports the sentiments of Ricardo Tosto. Gama states that the repatriation law makes it easy to create a transparent and straightforward way for the individual and lawyers. Ricardo Tosto says that the amnesty procedure enables the individuals with properties aboard to come clean and declare their ownership before the government appoints lawyers for investigation on the hidden assets. All Brazilians have the mandate to report their properties both locally and internationally and pay for their taxation.

Ricardo Tosto holds a high position is the corridors of law in Brazil making him prominent figure who has dealt with various complex cases. He is famous for his litigation, contracts, commercial, banking operation and business criminal law skills and he has presented most prominent people both nationally and internationally. Ricardo has vast education and years of skills making him member of various law association including on in Switzerland.

Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions Keep Clients on Sound Financial Footing

Effective planning can help alleviate the anxiety and procrastination that often accompanies people looking to get their finances in order. Richard Dwayne Blair is a seasoned professional who can take the worry out of planning for all phases of one’s monetary life. He has great experience in helping his clients develop strategies that plan for the future and grow their wealth. The company that he founded is Wealth Solutions and they can be the difference between a comfortable retirement or one that may be financially stressed.

Blair has created an impressive system that helps his clients successfully plan for retirement and manage their wealth. It involves three distinct pillars that can jump-start the drive for financial independence. He has become well known in the Austin, Tx. area and its surroundings where he is located.

The critical First Pillar entails Richard Dwayne Blair helping his clients craft a financial roadmap. His expertise enables him to fashion a route that takes into consideration all the unique factors of each situation. He helps them determine their goals and risk tolerance to name a couple of key concepts. This phase also helps him build a lasting relationship as he and the client work together.

Long-term investing and the powerful effect of compounding make up the Second Pillar. Blair takes into account the need for liquidity and provides active management during market uptrends to magnify gains in the client’s portfolio. He’s also adept at playing defense when the market conditions are negative and this minimizes the impact on their portfolio.

Putting the plan in place and ongoing monitoring comprise the Third Pillar that Richard Dwayne Blair uses to put his clients on the road to financial security. A comparison to benchmark indexes as well as the client’s expectations factor into this process.

One thing that has inspired Blair is the teachers in his family and he’s seen firsthand how they can build into lives. He does the same with his work as he helps clients successfully shape their financial destinies. He finds it especially satisfying when his clients make smarter decisions about the important tool of money.


NewsWatch TV Review

With its initial airing in March of 1990, NewsWatch covers a vast variety of topics, from celebrity interviews to the newest app review and consumer reviews. Based in Washington D.C. and hosted by Susan Bridges, Michelle Ison, and Andrew Tropeano they also do interviews with remotely located newsmakers. It broadcasts every Monday at 7 a.m. in the morning on AMC.

The programs has received several awards including a Gold and Platinum Marcom award, a Silver Telly as well as a Videographer award. Many Fortune 500 companies have worked with NewsWatch to get the reviews of their products some necessary television air time. Some of the major companies that have worked with are: Intel, Sony, Audi, Outback Steakhouse and Casio.

I recently watched a NewsWatch interview featuring a company called Avanca. The spokeswoman for the company, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet was advertising their Ockel Sirius A Pocket PC which has all the features of Windows 10 with the convenience of a mobile device. The Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC had huge success with its initial Indiegogo fundraiser. An Indiegogo fundraiser must raise the agreed upon amount within 30 days, or they fundraisers do not receive and funding. The goal was for $10,000 and it far exceeded its goal raising over $450,000. Avanca credits NewsWatch for a big part of the fundraiser’s success. Avanca was also advertising their line of wireless workout headphones. They’re extremely light, comfortable, have great noise cancellation will last a good amount of time, usually 4 hours, on a full charge.

Van Wijkvliet went on again with nothing but words of praise for NewsWatch and their team of trained professionals.


Malcolm CasSelle Predicts Mainstream for Cryptocurrency with P2P Marketplace WAX

Malcolm CasSelle believes that gaming industry will be the catalyst for taking cryptocurrency mainstream, and his opinion is a reliable one to listen to. CasSelle has been involved in the digital industry for decades. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford, with two degrees in computer sciences, CasSelle has literal as well as practical knowledge. He is a master at building up companies, and selling product. Since the beginning of his career he has been heavily involved in sales and marketing in the forefront of technology. A co-founder of PCCW CasSelle helped expand a startup company into a $38 billion dollar business. He was a manager in Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent. In 2017 he became the CIO of OPSkins, and at present he is also the president of new P2P marketplace Worldwide Asset eXchange.

CasSelle was an early stage investor in Zynga, Facebook, and Bitcoin. He has helped OPSkins become a global leader in digital asset sales for video games, and the top Bitcoin merchant on the planet. CasSelle is an innovator who is always at the forefront of technological advancement. He was there when the digital transfer of monetary funds started to engage, and he was present when virtual assets for video games began to merchandized. Now he is ready to help cryptocurrency finally become a widespread option for legal tender. WAX will be the gateway, the first P2P marketplace that offers gamers a return of investment for their digital assets. Game currency will become real currency for millions of gamers, which will allow cryptocurrency to break in to the mainstream.

Most video games operate in centralized markets, with currency/assets chained to the individual game they come from. Players purchasing assets/currency can only use them for that set game. They have viable way to gain a return of investment. Decentralized markets can do that, but are at risk from fraud. WAX solves this using blockchains to establish smart lists. This creates a safe way to monitor transactions, and because the market is decentralized the currency can move between games.


Talos Energy: Merging and Growing

The Louisiana Stone Energy corporation has been bought by Houston Talos Energy in a stunning $1.9 billion merger. The combination of both companies will hold the name of Talos Energy going forward. The ticker symbol for the New York Stock Exchange is under “TALO.” The affirmation of the entire deal will possibly close the first or second quarter of next year. Talos’ CEO, Timothy S. Duncan, has stated the goal is become a leading offshore exploration and production company.

He further shared that Stone Energy’s great talent, resources and exceptional balance sheet helps them expedite their project inventory and give them the ability to create good transactions and global opportunities. Once the overall deal does close, stakeholders of Talos can expect 63 percent in ownership of the business. However, the leftover 37 percent goes to Stone Energy shareholders. The equity in the deal, which was as high as $1.9 billion, has an overall value upwards of nearly $2.5 billion. As of November 20th in 2017, Stone Energy held a stock price of about $35.49. The Talos Energy company stretches over an impressive 1.2 million acres located in the Gulf of Mexico. While there production in 2017 accumulated to nearly a daily average of 47,000 oil barrels with 136 million in reserves during June.

With the merger, the brand new company now will have more flexibility when it comes to growth. The credit facility will now be valued at $1 billion, that allows for $600 million in borrowing and no extended term maturities by 2022. The leader in charge is Duncan who will be supported by the board of directors that sits 10 members. The corporate headquarters head to Houston and will have offices in New Orleans and Lafayette. The advisor to Talos include Citigroup and UBS Investment banks. It’s noted that Talos, in 2013, had bought Energy Resource Technology GOM Inc. in a $620 million purchase. Then two years later, the company was successful in securing the bid for shallow water exploration inside of Mexico. This came after the country went through a change in its energy industry in the area. The next announcement came when Talos stated in July of a discovery finding 1.4 billion to 2 billion oil barrels near the Mexican Zama-1 exploration well. Over the years, Talos has shared they have consistently dealt with high competition for any other type offshore work in the country of Mexico.


End Citizens United Turns To West Virginia To Help Bring Change.

Politics ‘as usual’ hasn’t been very good for the common American voter of late and that just won’t do going forward. End Citizens United is a political action committee that was founded in direct response to the 2010 SCOTUS ruling regarding the conservative lobbying group, Citizens United. End Citizens United is led by President Tiffany Muller and their entire team has been working double-time since the 2016 Presidential election in order to help put more power back into the hands of regular American voters while simultaneously pulling it out of the hands of the dark money lobbyists that have flooded into Washington D.C. With the 2018 Midterms rapidly approaching, ECU is looking to endorse candidates who are willing to band together to fight for campaign finance reform. One of those candidates is Richard Ojeda who is seeking a seat in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District.

Richard Ojeda gained some momentum, while simultaneously putting himself on End Citizens United’s radar when he made an announcement stating that he would be rejecting all corporate money during his congressional campaign. Ojeda, like many other progressive candidates, is turning away from the dark corruption  corporate lobbyists have instilled into American politics. He understands that politicians cannot represent the American people while taking massive paychecks from corporations who are looking to influence legislators. Tiffany Muller made her point plain when she released a statement in support of Ojeda. Muller called out politicians and Big Money special interests while pointing out that the two work together, hand-in-hand, in order to corrupt and pollute the political process.

Deciding to forego corporate donations during such a pivotal election year is a decision that can have longstanding repercussions. The 2018 Midterms likely will determine the future of the United States for years to come. Still, Ojeda and End Citizens United understand that it is important to stand for ideals and to put their trust in the American people over their bank accounts. Many progressives throughout the country are choosing to forego the acceptance of corporate money during their campaigns and it has already paid big dividends in several places throughout the country.

End Citizens United has been shining a spotlight on corruption in politics throughout the run up to the 2018 Midterms. They released the Big Money 20 list which showcases politicians who have been accepting dark money contributions in districts that are vulnerable to being flipped in the hopes of getting voters motivated to go out and make a change.

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Amazon the Mad: How Drew Madden Can Stop Them

Oh, Amazon, when doth thou conquest for guts and glory ever end? In a surprising move recently, the retail powerhouse went full-choke for the medical side of the fence with their newly obtained licenses to distribute professional equipment for pharmacies and medical establishments in a handful of states. The number of states that’ll allow it will surely continue to expand, but Amazon’s not about to just wait when they can jump the gun and head straight for the necessary legal permissions to also send prescription orders directly to patients’ doorsteps using none other than drone tech.

It might be a little hopeful to think that Amazon will be allowed to entrust such materials in the hands (claws, vices, whatever) of a flying, mechanical drone that may or may not experience failure along the way; the technology is pretty new after all. However, there’s nothing to stop them from just sending the drugs through classic packages and envelopes like the good ol’ days, and if that’s what jurisdictions want them to do, it’s what they’ll end up doing. One way or another, it’s a threat to companies that are exclusively medical in form and stature, and CVS is one of those elderly names in the industry that has taken a stand against the retail goliath.

CVS is a smartly run company, and the owners are are clever as they are wise. What the company’s leading decision-makers are thinking is fairly obvious at this point however: By adopting a health insurance company into their graces, they can sell the service side by side with their currently existing pharmaceutical and OTC medical goods. This is planned to be done through the procurement of Aetna, which in itself would put millions of Americans on CVS’ own health insurance plan off the bat.

This strategy is an excellent one that should go a long way to shutting out the threat of Amazon, but it does raise the question of who CVS will hire to handle their health care information technology composition. The answer seems to be tentatively hovering over Drew Madden, the legendary ex-president of Nordic Consulting who now works as a seasoned medical IT advisor with Evergreen Healthcare. If there’s any man that Amazon should fear right about now, it would be Drew Madden.

8 Simple Steps to Launch Your Political Campaign

Launching a political campaign should not be something you do half heartedly. You have to go all out and put in significant effort to make a big splash amongst voters. You won’t have enough voters interested in you if your political campaign is lackluster. Here are eight simple steps to properly launch your political campaign.


Create a Thorough List of Talking Points

You should put together a list of talking points that are concerns of the voters you want to reach out to. You should place this list of points onto your campaign website before you launch your campaign officially. This way you will have everything set up for voters to read your policies after you announce your run for public office. You should additionally put your biography onto your website and other information you want before launching your campaign.

Prepare Your Website Before Announcing Your Campaign

Make sure you complete a campaign website in advance to announcing your campaign. Get all the details together and make sure you have a prepared theme and look that you will maintain throughout the campaign.


Manage Your Data with a CRM

You’ll want a CRM to help manage data of those who donate or want email updates to your campaign. Use the NGP VAN’s Digital 8. It’s the best there is, as those who utilize this CRM usually raise more money and more campaign attention.


Brand Identity

You must maintain a certain theme and symbol for your campaign. The theme colors and symbol will appear on all of your campaign materials, from your website to your signs, buttons, and campaign shirts. It looks unprofessional if you keep switching up the themes and symbol of your campaigns so pick something out and stick with it.


Fix Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure all of your social media accounts have a professional tone. You can also link them to your campaign social media pages.


Create SMS and Mobile Contact Lists for Your Campaign Team

To better keep in contact with your campaign team, put them onto SMS lists so you can easily contact them all. Create various sub-lists for your mobile device as well to make it easier to contact specific groups of campaign members.


Digital Advertisements

Make sure to take out a few ads on Google and Facebook to promote your campaign. This is a helpful way for people who lookup similar things to your campaign to spot one of your ads and decide to contribute or vote for you.


Calling for Support and Donations

This is an old method, but a good method of campaigning. Calling to raise awareness and money to your campaign is an excellent way to muster up the necessary funds you need to keep your campaign going with plenty of energy.