Rick Scott Focus Of End Citizens United Complaint

End Citizens United has placed Rick Scott in their sights. The would-be congressmen on the hunt for mid-term seat, is the latest candidate gaining unflattering attention from End Citizens United. The political action committee filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission claiming Scott is receiving illegal campaign support. According to the allegations Scott is using a super PAC to not only fund his campaign, but pay off any accrued debts. Scott is one of many candidates taking contributions from corporate-led PACs and End Citizens United is after them all. ECU is located in D.C. right next to the action. Formed in 2015 as a counter attack against Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, the organization seeks to undo the damage done in 2010. The conflict inducing Supreme Court case was controversial right out of the gate.

Any decision passing as narrowly as a 5-4 is going to be contended. But the ruling that verified free speech as pertaining to both individual person and corporation would gain a following. Now corporate PACs can fund campaigns without restriction, using money to buy candidates as well as legislation. End Citizens United is designed to push election reform, supporting candidates who prefer Big Money be out of politics. Their main quest is to revert the Citizens United ruling, and the only way to do that is amend the amendment in question. To do this they need a lot of like-minded politicians. Before legislation can be passed the politicians ECU supports need to be elected.

This is not an easy task but then again the whole enterprise is pretty hard. Candidates cannot just roll in, the seats also have to be cleared of opposition. Scott is one of many candidates who see no need for campaign reform, from their perspective there is nothing wrong that needs fixing. According to Scott he has done nothing wrong, and End Citizens United is just trying to smear his name in an effort to stain his campaign. ECU backs up their claims with proof, showing connections between Scott and PAC organizers. Whether the charges will actually effect his campaign remain to be seen.

The Impeccable Achievements of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy currently serves at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the CEO and vice president. Recently, he received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) awarded him for his outstanding performance throughout the years. Receiving the award was a great achievement because he is the first architect to receive the award. The Polk Award recognizes art patrons and artists based out of Mississippi with extraordinary performance. The award also recognizes individuals with outstanding support for art. Some of the people who have received the award in the past include Walter Anderson, an artist, and Morgan Freeman, actor.

Nancy LaForge, the president of MIAL, stated that Robert Ivy has played the biggest role in Mississippi to make architecture easily accessible to the general population. Ivy is also a commentator and author of architecture. Robert Ivy is honored to join the list of people who received the Noel Polk Award.The President of FAIA, Carl Elefante, stated that Robert is a great ambassador of architecture due to his outstanding performance as an editor and author of architecture. Carl added that the award is given to a native of Mississippi who has made major professional achievement. Elefante went ahead to congratulate Robert for his achievement on behalf of the American Institute of Architecture.

Since Robert Ivy joined AIA in 2011, he has expanded the influence and international presence of the organization. The company gained the highest number of members since it was established more than 160 years ago. Ivy will officially be acknowledged for his incredible contributions to the success of AIA.Before joining the American Institute of Architecture in 2011, Robert served at McGraw-Hill Architectural Record as the Editor-in-Chief. Under the leadership of Robert, Architectural Record garnered numerous awards and spread its services to different parts of the world. Additionally, Ivy led the growth of McGraw-Hill’s design in China. He also founded the Mandarin version of the organization. Robert was previously honored for his impeccable communication skills and effectiveness in handling operations by the Alpha Rho Chi. Ivy is an alumnus of Tulane University where he pursued a Masters degree in Architecture.

The diverse portfolio held by Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress investment group has over the years diversified its investment portfolio. Guided by founders Wesley R. Edens and Randal A. Nardone the group has been able to achieve a portfolio covering virtually every sector. Their credit investments have been a key focus of the group’s success. The credit division was launched by Peter Briger soon after joining the group from Goldman Sachs. Today the division is one of the best performing and has over five hundred employees driving its growth. Peter Briger tapped Dean Dakolias to assist him to grow the portfolio, and in so doing, they were able to expand to at least 14 new locations and commit 100 staff members into credit financed asset management.

he investments held by the Fortress investment Credit division can be broken down into Opportunistic credit asset class spectrum while has a total of fifteen subgroups, which are DIP lending, liquid high yield loans, tax liens control, structured equity, residential whole loans, secondaries, CRE, Structured finance, legal assets, rediscount lending, manager partnerships, mortgage servicing rights, net lease among others. This is also buoyed by the opportunistic credit industry specialty which invests in intellectual property, gaming, real estate, pharma, software, energy, data centers, healthcare, telecom Spectrum as well as others.

Fortress investment group has worked to ensure that in every spectrum they have a deep understanding in order to create value for the asset they take on. The focus on corporate debt and securities has recently picked within the group. They are now focusing on idiosyncratic opportunities which continue to exist, especially in publicly traded companies. This focus on out of favor industries has led them to become one of the best opportunity analysts where they are able to use the bottom-up approach, trying to understand what the key fundamentals are that drive the industry. If the Fortress Investment Group teams can understand what fundamentals drive the given investment opportunity, they are then able to make informed decisions on whether to invest or not. This level of investment and talent management has seen Fortress Investment Group grow from a four hundred million organization into a forty billion organization.

The Top Ways To Get More Done According to Upwork

Upwork published the “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through your To-Do List” on their blog in early March. The blog provides the best tips to accomplish everything on your to-do list and helps you leave out all the stress that tends to come with everything you want to get done.

One of the easiest ways to relieve the stress of all you have to accomplish is to write it all down. Though this may seem oversimplified, it’s actually a matter of psychology. When you try to remember all of your to-do’s without writing them down it creates the Zeigernik Effect. This psychological phenomenon causes the different tasks to be filtered to the forefront of your mind, making you feel stressed and preventing you from focusing on the moment. By writing everything down, you not only reduce your stress, but you also accomplish more.

Another key factor that most people don’t consider when creating their to-do list is to provide time attributes to each task. By deciding when you will start on the task, how long each task will take and what part of the day you will start working on the task you can gauge more accurately how long the to-do list will take you. It will also provide you with a more realistic view of how much you can accomplish in a week or in a day. This will prevent you from overcommitting your schedule and help you actually get things done instead of just thinking about it.

Priorities are also a key factor in finishing your to-do list. By deciding what is most important you can create a defense system for the most important tasks. When each task has a priority assigned to it, you can determine which tasks are the most urgent and what can wait. It also helps prevent procrastination while giving you time in case something unexpected happens.

Upwork also suggests task batching. This is when you do similar work all together. You can create list templates for the tasks you do frequently so you can do them all at the same time, saving you time and preventing stress.

Upwork is an online platform that connects freelancers with companies. It originally began as Elance and after Elance merged with oDesk, it became Upwork.


OSI Industries Innovation Expands Globally

OSI Industries Innovation Expands Globally

OSI industries have undergone a massive transition from a regional supplier to becoming a leading global corporation providing high-quality classic restaurant experiences with an unswerving product. The challenge for the company was how to maintain production of a pocket-friendly, customer-driven product transported over long distances. This challenge went down the drain in the early 60’s where OSI had close ties with McDonald’s. With technological innovations like cryogenic food processing provided the answer, opening up avenues for expansions and ultimately lowering costs in the food trade.

OSI Global Expansion

The change in leadership at OSI made the company grow substantially to date. Recently in 2016, OSI was ranked 58 on the Forbes ranking of the most successful private industries that had over $1.6 billion in sales. In the same year, OSI acquired a food processing factory and a warehouse previously run by the Tyson Foods in Chicago. The company’s efforts to obtain a more space aimed at indeed satisfying their client’s needs. The company boast of 65 food facilities, over 17 countries globally, its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Company is the leading world food provider in protein products with value addition, including many other varieties of foods.

Expansive European Cooperation

OSI industries accomplished another purchase in Europe ‘Flagship Europe’ from the Flagship Food Group. These will add-on to OSI Company a high-quality production line to the present facility, expanding the presence of OSI into the European market offering a variety of food solutions. Not long ago, the ‘Flagship Europe’ name changed to Creative Foods Europe, and its food production line of dressings, sauces, and pies will be available in the food market in the United Kingdom. “Partnering with OSI industries is exciting and a sign of progress for us,” says the Creative Food’s president. This expansion will net in prospective clients as well as international markets. Creative Foods Europe will increase its resources while strengthening its position in the market to offer a much active service to their clients as they elevate this prosperous business. “Our presence in Europe will get faster so will our unique products,” says the David McDonald, who is the president and COO of OSI . A broader manifestation in the market means a higher-quality service from OSI industries. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

The Success of Fortress Investment Group

About Fortress Investment Group

Since the establishment of Fortress Investment Group as private equity in 1998, the firm has been recording tremendous success. It became famous in 2007 Initial Public Offering (IPO) when it became the first most substantial private equity to go public in the New York Stock Exchange Market. Fortress Investment is currently the leading investment group in the entire globe that directs over $40 billion and over 1,750 companies and private investors. The headquarters of the firm is based in New York and employs over 900 citizens.Fortress Investment Group is headed by three principals; Randal Nardone (New York), Wes Edens, and Peter Briger (San Francisco). The firm specializes in the field of capital markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset-based investing, and operational management.

Since establishment, Fortress Investments have concentrated in the sector of mergers and acquisition. They have developed expertise and has developed a long relationship with management professionals, board members, and corporate stakeholders.With the many years of experience, Fortress Investment Group has expertise and specialty in capital markets. They have incorporated staff and facilities which are knowledgeable in debts and equity markets.When it comes to asset-based investments, Fortress Investments have skills and expertise in financing, owning, and managing both physical, and financial assets. The firm has shown to be formidable due to their success in asset management.In the field of operations management, Fortress Investment has robust tools for obtaining exact values from the investments they make.


Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone (principal based in New York), Wes Edens (principal), and Robert Kauffman (retired principal). The three founders have vast experiences in the financial world having essential positions at UBS, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs.When they started the firm, they had an objective of creating a firm that would transform from private equity to one of the most significant investment firms. Five years after the establishment, the assets under their company quickly grew from $400 million to $3.9 billion. In 2007 when the firm decided to go public, the assets grew up to $32.9 billion.In 1999, the investment group decided to launch its first investment vehicle, the Fortress Investment Fund I. By 2006, the vehicle had registered significant growth and has resulted into Fortress Investment Fund I with versions II, III, and IV.Randal Nardone and Wes Edens are highly involved in the company serving as principals. On the other hand, Robert Kauffman retired 15 years ago.

An Interview With Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad has more than forty years experience as a pediatric surgeon. He has helped over 1,000 children aged 6 months to 14 years with a common issue for children, having objects stuck in the esophagus and trachea. He has removed everything from coins to a toothbrush. Recently he has been interviewed about his experiences in his field and he gives some advice as well.


You may be wondering why it is so common for young children to swallow objects. They’re simply curious about the object and putting it in their mouths is just another way that young children gather information about something. Most items that are swallowed will simply pass through the child’s esophagus into the stomach and out of the child’s body. When an object gets stuck a child will exhibit symptoms such as trouble breathing, wheezing, as well as trouble swallowing. You may be tempted to try to remove a stuck object with your finger if you can see it. Dr. Saad Saad says that this is a bad idea as the object may be pushed further down the throat. Instead, with children 6 years old or younger, the item can usually be easily removed by holding the child upside down by his feet and hitting him on the back. For children over the age of 6, you can use the Heimlich Maneuver. If these methods don’t work you will need to take the child to your local Emergency Room.


Dr. Saad spoke about the most dangerous objects that may be swallowed by children. At the top of his list was batteries. Not only can they become easily lodged, they may leak battery acid which can cause significant burns to the esophagus or stomach of the child. You may be thinking that you only have to worry about AA or AAA batteries, but it is also common for children to swallow the small circular batteries such as those found in a watch. The second most dangerous item for a child to swallow is peanuts. As these are small they can become lodged in the trachea. Once in the trachea, they can be difficult to remove as they pose the risk of shattering, which would risk pieces of the peanut continuing to the lungs. Dr. Saad’s best advice is to monitor your children when they are around these items. Learn more: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/175114/Dr-Saad+A.-Saad-EATONTOWN-NJ.html


Living a Reactionary Life Compared to a Proactive Life Recommended by Neurocore

One thing that is very common with people is that they live a reactive life. This is the type where they react to things. One thing that they do is look at life as something that happens to them. One of the signs of this type of life is that they always like to blame one another. They are also very afraid of mistakes. They tend to look at mistakes as something that should be automatically punished. This is often because they were raised and trained to think that way. However, one thing that people like that need to understand is that mistakes are going to happen in life. Therefore, it is a good idea to live a life that is prepared for these mistakes. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

There is a facility that offers people ways to handle their lives in a more proactive manner. This facility is known as Neurocore. Neurocore focus on training the brain to be healthier. One thing that it also helps people with is cultivating a positive mindset. For one thing, people with positive mindsets are going to live a more proactive life. They are aware that they play a part in their lives. While they are aware that there are other factors involved in their lives, they make sure that they recognize their own part and try to make the necessary changes.

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One of the worst things about living a reactive life is that people depend on life to just hand them the things they want. However, they know that this is not going to happen. As a result, they deal with disappointments and also frustrations with their lives. This also leads to issues such as envy and resentment where they hold a grudge against someone because that person has what they want even though he has done the work for it. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Wes Edens: NBA Owner And Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Private equity investor and hedge fund manager Wes Edens is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, the first buyout firm to be publicly traded. Edens started the company in 1998 with Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone. Peter Briger, Jr. and Michael Novogratz joined the company soon afterwards. A 2007 article in The Wall Street Journal described the investment style Edens uses as a knack for using investments to build a business, combined with creative financing and contrarian bets. Edens runs the company’s private equity business. A husband and father of 4, Wes Edens is an Oregon State University graduate who received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance in 1984. Three years later, he joined Lehman Brothers. There he worked as a managing director and was a partner in the firm.

In 1993, Wes Edens left Lehman Brother and became a managing director and partner with Blackrock Asset Investors, the private equity division of Blackrock. Edens gained valuable experience while working with Blackrock Asset Investors for 4 years. Then in 1997 he decided to leave and start his own firm. By 2007 when Wes Edens and his partners decided to take the company public, Fortress Investment Group had two real estate vehicles, four hedge funds, fourteen private equity funds and managed private equity assets as well as alternative investment vehicles that were publicly traded. Edens and his partners had allowed Nomura Holdings, a Japanese financial holding company, to acquire a 15% stake in Fortress Investment Group for $888 million. By 2009, an 8% share of the company had been bought for $600 million.

When the subprime mortgage crisis hit and the price of Fortress stock fell to under a dollar, Wes Edens guided the company back to profitability. Edens has served as the Fortress board of directors co-chairman and Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors chairman. Today Edens’ net worth is an estimated $1.2 billion and his ‘take home pay’ is about $54 million, according to reports. In 2014, Wes Edens partnered with Marc Lasry to purchase the NBA franchise the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million. He also owns the eSports team FlyQuest which competes in the professional video gaming League of Legends. When its time to relax, Wes Edens turns to sports to give him a level of excitement and fulfillment not even high stakes business deals can deliver. His sports of choice are mountain climbing and horse jumping.

Peter Briger Proves His Investment Expertise.

Peter Briger is a prominent, high ranked official in the business world who has scaled the career ladder to great heights. He is currently the assistant chairman in the board of directors at Fortress. Peter Briger’s well-defined skills in management made him inspirational to many the fact that has made him highly demanded in the world of career. Before joining Fortress, Briger worked at Goldman Company on a partnership basis. From his willing spirit to serve to serve humankind, Briger has served an organization catering to less privileged personnel in San Francisco. The organization helps low-income citizens and is a non-profit making company.Peter Briger undertook his university education at Princeton University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Later, Briger went to Wharton School of Business, at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania where he obtained Masters in Business Administration. Apart from his education at Princeton University, he also worked in the board of directors in the same university. Peter Briger supported many organizations including Central Park Conservancy. Briger serves on the board of management of Caliber schools and also in the advisory committee at a hospital of the first surgery. In the period of his career at Goldman, he served the position of assistant of sales and trade. The consistent effort, skills, and knowledge find Peter in numerous job positions in a wide range of corporations in the top rankings. The well-developed character through the years has seen Peter’s reputation grow and gain trust from many investors. Briger broadly networks with many organizations distributed worldwide. The broad network enables him to serve humanity in a vast spread area in the world.

Peter is committed to his work and always ensures that customer service is to satisfaction and proper relationship with them. Peter Briger has a wit that has enabled for assistant in community development services besides his career and rankings. It has made him even more famous as people have appreciated his unwavering love for them due to his selflessness. He has supported entrepreneurs, primarily when working in the banking sector. Briger portrays well-calculated management skills for persons willing to secure the same positions or management of personal businesses. The efforts in eradicating poverty in the society and ensuring that children get access to basic needs have been some of his goals. It has led him to hold the leadership position in Silicon Valley which directs resources meant for children worldwide.