The Greyhound Diaries Are A Window Into America

Doug Levitt set out on an interesting journey many years ago. He wanted to get a view of American society from an angle that is rarely shown. Poverty is an issue that is talked about often. However, numbers and statistics do not bring and emotional value to the suffering that really goes on. Doug Levitt decided to ride the Greyhound bus across the country and share the unique perspective of the travelers that he has associated with. Choosing the bus was an interesting method to gain insight on the subject. Most people who rely on the bus for transportation can’t afford alternative options. It is an environment that brings all sorts of individuals together who have a circumstance in common. Doug Levitt spent seven years riding the bus around the country, logging over 70,000 miles. He is telling the story of his experience through song, photos and video. The content captures the underbelly of an impoverished American community who deal handle their situations with amazing resiliency.

The Greyhound Diaries are an attempt to uncover a shadowy side of the American landscape. Many people who live in poverty have accepted their fate. They’ve grown accustomed to dealing with life at a certain level. Doug Levitt observes the fact that there is far less social media interaction between those riding the bus as opposed to traveling by other means. It is a reflection that even something as common as Twitter or Facebook is limited to those who did not have the same means as others.

Levitt hails from Washington DC. He went to college at Cornell University. Later Doug got the opportunity to study abroad. He spent time in London attending the London School of Economics, but decided to switch careers while in abroad. He returned to the United States and moved to Nashville Tennessee in pursuit of a singer-songwriter career. This was where he began his work on the project that would become the Greyhound Diaries. Levitt has performed all over the country including homeless shelters. He has collaborated with notable musicians in his career thus far, including David Henry, Steve Bowman and Craig Wright.


OSI Group Has A Tradition Of Excellence

OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolsckowsky in the early 1900’s. Otto migrated to the United States from Germany and began with a meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. He ran the business with his family and soon became a trusted distributor of meat to other food businesses in the area. He named his company Otto and Sons.

A few decades later Otto and Sons was discovered by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was opening his first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois and needed a local meat distributor that could handle the heavy volume that he was expecting to sell. Otto and Sons lived up to the demanding request of the McDonald’s organization. They introduced several innovations that allowed their business to maintain a successful working relationship with Ray Kroc’s phenomenally growing enterprise.

Cryogenic freezing allowed the meat distributor to store large amounts of product while maintaining it’s freshness. Otto and Sons also introduced the patty cutting machine. The cutting machine gave the company the ability to deliver McDonald’s their product in the form they intended to use it. Otto and Sons soon became a favorite of Ray Kroc. McDonald’s went on to become an international powerhouse in the food industry and Auto and Sons was it’s exclusive meat provider.

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Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Industries. OSI opened a plant in West Chicago with the intentions of developing business relationships with other fast food organization. The client list include Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza and Starbucks. There are 65 plants operating in 17 different countries. OSI prides itself on providing opportunity for those who are looking to have a career with an exciting organization. They have focused recruiting efforts in various areas such as the Asia-Pacific, Poland, the UK, Hungary, Germany and the United States. OSI recently purchased Tyson Foods as an effort to expand its operations and also save hundreds of jobs.

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Ricardo Tosto: Business Legal Advice In Brazil

If you are planning to start or purchase a business in Brazil, it is extremely important that you get legal guidance. Lawyers are available to provide needed legal advice and guidance as you start and operate your business.When it comes to issues pertaining to business structure, breach of contract, shareholder dispute and corporate governance, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for assistance.

Corporate governance is the structure of rules, practices, and processes that guides the way an organization communicates with stakeholders and investors, achieves objectives, and measures performance. It also works as a system of checks-and-balances designed to hold corporate leaders accountable.In today’s business environment companies are expected to do more than just boost profits for shareholders. In fact, businesses are expected to generate a profit while also demonstrating good corporate character through ethical behavior, environmental awareness, and responsible governance practices.

When this happens, it can lead to a loss of shareholder confidence, which will certainly put the future of the establishment at risk. Any small or mid-sized business that does not have an in-house legal department should consider enlisting the services of a reputable lawyer in building a solid corporate governance plan.Corporate governance has a huge influence on every aspect of the company, including the decision-making process of the corporate entity. Such issues include intellectual property matters, company litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance issues. Additionally, the principles direct the relationship between the board of directors, management, and all other stakeholders.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been providing superior representation in business related disputes. He also spends time rendering top notch advice and guidance to businesses and other establishments. His clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, multinational companies and all others who desire quality legal services in Brazil.Mr Ricardo Tosto works with an enterprise’s board of directors to form, enhance, and in some cases overhaul the corporation’s governance policies. He combines his extensive corporate and business experience and legal insight to help enterprise leaders make informed choices for the long-term benefits of the organization.

Richard Smith Leads Securus Technology Into A challenge With GTL

Securus Technology is a service industry that is fully devoted to high quality services and excellence. The company is not afraid to spend huge amounts of money when the end result guarantees efficiency and customer satisfaction. Which is a huge reason why the company will not want to be affiliated with rivals who at every opportunity they get claim to do better than them based on wrong information.



Over the past four years Securus Technology, led by Richard Smith has invested $700 million in the company solely to improve the technology advancements and customer services. More so, the company invests millions every year to train their employees on how to treat their customers and ensure excellent performance.



Securus Technology has therefore posed a bake off with their main rival Global Tel Link in pursuit of finding out the company with better services, technology and customer satisfaction. Smith, the CEO of the company is sure that it is a losing game for Global Tel Link. In all aspects, he assures that Securus will win, because they have invested so much in what they stand for.



For instance in technology, Securus offers Voice Over Internet Protocol Corrections calling which is the largest in the world. This facility enables inmates to communicate with their loved ones and also is a great platform to distributed new services to the clients. On the other hand, GTL still lags behind as it uses the older and less efficient methods. In another instance, while Securus uses their own call centers, GTL outsources their services something that may not be as efficient as having their own.



Through the bake off, Securus is sure that their technology and customer service will be noted by the public which should give GTL a wake-up call to do better by their clients and in the industry.




Start Saving Money Every Month After Dealing With Ignition Financial

Having a car is an amazing accomplishment for anyone, even if it’s not the very first car that they’ve purchased. The only problem with having a car is that the payments cannot be missed, or you may face large penalties or the possibility of repossession. Most people try to keep up with their car payments but will fall behind on other bills. If there is a health scare in the family that ends up costing money for medical bills, any normal person would pay for those bills before they make any other payments, including their car payments.


Even if a financial emergency arises, don’t expect your lender to be sympathetic that you chose to pay other bills as opposed to your car payments. It can be difficult keeping up with your monthly car payments, especially if they are very high and costs you several hundred dollars every month. One way to make sure that if anything happens that you can keep paying on your car payments is by lowering the payments that you pay on a monthly basis. The best way to lower those monthly payments is by not by dealing with your current lender but by looking for a new lender to refinance your vehicle.


There are lenders everywhere who are willing to buy out the loan for your vehicle, but it’s up to you to find these lenders. What if you could find the lenders you’re looking for without doing any of the work, except for filling out a quick online application, would you be interested? Ignition Financial is the company who can find you several lenders, and all you need is to be determined to think the thought “slash my payments,” and make sure to fill out the online application on their website. Get responses from different lenders, including finding out their lending terms when you work with Ignition Financial.


The refinancing process is so quick and easy with Ignition Financial that you can have a new loan to refinance your vehicle within a matter of days as opposed to weeks. The only reason why refinancing may take a long time is because you’ve done a lot of shopping around, but you no longer need to do this if you are a customer of Ignition Financial. Allow a professional to find the best options for you as well as the best lender, and you’ll save money on a monthly basis.


Win extra money by spread betting on

If you are looking for some extra money and love football, you may try your luck with spread betting on This is an easy way to place a bet on your favorite football team and if you are lucky, earn some money when you can predict the score difference between the favorite and underdog team. We would recommend going to in the first place as it not only allows you to place a bet but it also gives you helpful insights about the game, analysis of game spreads and numerous tips and tricks about NFL odds, Football odds and/or Super Bowl odds. These things come in handy when you are going to try your luck.

Don’t confuse spread betting with usual betting that includes only a win or loss scenario. Spread betting is a little bit advanced and challenging sort of betting which is based on margin of victory and it was developed by an accountant decades ago. The betting companies or bookies love this betting as it helps them to cover their risks. In such arrangements, the bookies offer a “Line” or minimum score margin by which the stronger or “Favorite” team has to win the game. This minimum range is called the “Spread.” If the favorites win the game with more score than the spread, they will cover the spread and people who have placed a bet on them will win the money.

On the other side, if the weaker team or the “Underdogs” win the game, the people who have placed a bet on them will earn money. Also, if the Underdogs lose the game but the score difference is less than the margin, they can also win the money. Keep a note that, the Underdogs do not need to cover any spread, it is only applicable for the Favorites. If they win the game by exact spread number, all bets will be canceled and everyone will get their money back. This is how spread betting works.

If you have no idea about the betting or do not know about the teams, it will be quite difficult for you to make the right decision. If you do not want to lose money, you should get all the advises you get from the experts. This is where; you will find truly helpful. They have some articles on NFL odds, Football odds and/or Super Bowl odds in their site. So, go ahead and play with the odds and get some extra cash.

How watching a Football game could make you money

As a passionate Football fan, you not only have a favorite team, but you know a lot about the current season. Things like rankings, who is playing or injured etc. Chances are that as a loyal fan you have invested in season tickets of your favorite team and do your very best to support them whenever you can. What if you could use all that knowledge and financially benefit from it?

There are many sports these days that allow people to use the knowledge they have to help them earn some money through betting on outcomes of either their team or current matches. Football is no exception. In fact, there are many people these days that make quite a nice chunk of change from what they know and pick up during the season. Whether it is the NFL season or the Superbowl, the players don’t have to be the only ones making money.

When you are engaged in football betting during the NFL season for example, you are participating in something called “Spread Betting”. According to Wikipedia, Spread betting is any of various types of wagering on the outcome of an event where the pay-off is based on the accuracy of the wager, rather than a simple “win or lose” outcome, such as fixed-odds (or money-line) betting or parimutuel betting. What this comes down to is that during the NFL matches there are a number of outcomes possible, which in turn create something you could refer to as the NFL odds. The NFL odds are based upon a range of outcomes and predictions on how a certain team or player is going to perform during the match. This year, the Superbowl will be held in Houston Texas and there are already many speculations going round about who will be playing and which superstars will take the field. One thing is for sure, the Superbowl is an event that gets bigger and bigger every year. This is what makes online betting such a thrill, if you can correctly predict the outcome, the Super bowl odds will literally be in your favor. I think it’s clear that being informed about the most current events in Football is crucial in your success in betting on football odds. One of the best ways to do that from the comfort of your home is a site called Here you can not only find the latest news, you can learn about expert picks, or talk to other Football fans through their forum. It is a true treasure trove of information.


Tony Petrello is one of the many people in the world who symbolize the true value of loyalty. For many years, he worked at Nabors industries in different positions and eventually the years of loyalty have greatly paid off now that he is the CEO. If asked; he would say that it took great sacrifice to make it that far. He moved away from New York and started life in Houston where he had no friends to explore a different field of work. From working as a lawyer, Tony Petrello took work in an oil business which was different from his pedigree.

Anthony Petrello studied law at Harvard Law School and later acquired M.S degree in mathematics. He worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm for a while before he started working as a Chief Operating Officer in the firm. Nine years later, he was appointed the deputy chairman of the company and eventually he was crowned the CEO after the death of the former CEO.

As the CEO, Anthony Petrello is responsible to make strategic plans for the company, ensure their execution, deal with investors as well as hire the top officials in the firm. His leadership in the company is exemplary and has given the company a good reputation and bigger profits. His ability to maintain a healthy relationship with the investors is the reason behind the increase in the company share price by 180%. Petrello who is commonly known as Tony among his employees and friends is good at maintaining a high work motivated team through his leadership and team spirit.

For more information, find Anthony Petrello on LinkedIn.

Petrello has maintained his good and compassionate nature in a business world where many prosper due to their tough nature and cruelty. He is one of the few leaders who are praised for philanthropy. For example, Petrello contributed $7 million towards medical research at Texas Children’s Hospital. This aids in the study of neurological disorders in children because he could just sit and watch as other children share in his daughter’s fate. Over the years, he has inspired, challenged and worked with other financially empowered people into provider better health care for the people of Houston.

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Kabbalah Centre, the Source of the Kabbalistic Principles

According to Kabbalah Centre, kabbalah is the center world’s ancient body of spiritual wisdom. It contains the unknown keys to the secrets of the universe and the mysteries of the human heart and soul. The Kabbalistic teaching seeks to reveal the secrets and the complexities of the nonmaterial and material of the universe as well as its physical and spiritual making of humanity. The Kabbalist teachings are aimed at illustrating the details of the various method that one can adopt so that they can conquer the unknown and refrain from the chaos, suffering and pain that they might encounter.

These teaching are taught at the Kabbalah Centre. A nonprofit making organization Kabbalah Centre makes the principle of Kabbalah comprehensible and applicable to the daily activities. Kabbalah Centre has teachers who provide the students with Kabbalistic principles spiritual tools that the student can use them as they desire so that can progress their lives and make the world a better place through their efforts. The Centre is located in over 40 cities and it has a broad base of online existence, the Kabbalah Centre was established in 1992 by Yehuda Ashlag.

The most amazing factor about Kabbalah Centre is that it educates universal wisdom that has been existed before the Bible and can be studied by anyone despite their path or faith. It presents the great wisdom of the lineage of most recognized kabbalists. One of the greatest programs of teaching Kabbalistic principle the course that describes the origin of Creation, spiritual l and the physical order of the inverse, that include the journey of the soul and human existence.

The main purpose of the Kabbalah Centre is to give the students an avenue where they can progress their lives. This is enabled by teachers who give student Kabbalistic principle’s spiritual tools that the student can utilize as they wish to improve their decision-making skills that are a benefit to not only the students but also seek to make the world better. Among the principle taught at Kabbalah Centre are sharing, awareness and balance of the ego, the existence of spiritual laws, we are all one, leaving our comfort zone can create miracles. These teaching are aimed at creating a long lasting fulfillment to the student once they are applied in their lives.

Thor Halvorssen is a Champion for the People

Thor Halvorssen is a global human rights activist. He has spent years trying to achieve freedom and basic human rights for those that are oppressed by tyrannical governments and dictators. Thor started his human rights quest when his father, who was a high-ranking official in the Venezuelan government, was imprisoned for exposing corruption within the government itself. He was able to negotiate his release and he has continued to help free other prisoners and achieve freedom for those that are in need.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Every year there is an international human rights conference called the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is an annual gathering of human rights advocates that lasts for a whole week. There is discussion regarding ways to become more effective in their endeavors and explore issues that are of importance. The gathering gets larger every year and has a festival like quality.

Thor Halvorssen frequently contributes to many media sources. He can be seen on national television programs, news outlets, and is also interviewed for popular newspapers and magazines. Thor spends a great deal of time in the areas where his talents are needed. There have even been situations where he found himself in danger in attempts to help others.

Thor’s parents were both activists. His father was imprisoned but his mother was killed by Hugo Chavez’s men during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. Currently, his cousin is being held as a political prison and Thor is still trying to negotiate his release. Thor works tirelessly to bring basic human rights to people all over the world. He has also enlisted the help of several talented individuals to help him run the Human Rights Foundation. He is using all available resources to help those in need and plans on continuing his works for many years to come.