Attention, Please!

Listen up, friends and family members of a loved one who is currently incarcerated: Securus Technologies is here for you, and it promised to offer inmate call solutions for the moments that most matter. If you want a fast, affordable and proven call plan to phone your loved one, then Securus Technologies is number one on the list, and that must be for a good reason, right? Indeed, the company’s knowledgeable, well-known and reputable in many of its aspects, still regarded as one of the world’s best inmate communication suppliers.


Securus Technologies offers phone services, video services, jail voicemail solutions, email services, money transfers and other types of customer care that are unparalleled. There are countless ways to speak to or with your incarcerated loved one; you can even send money, if you’d like. The options are endless. Interstate and in-state calls are no problem either and can be done instantly. The FCC regulates all rates, terms and conditions for this supplier, along with those for countless other prisons and similar suppliers across the U.S.


Instead of waiting in endlessly long lines in jail, just to hopefully catch a few brief glimpses of your loved one, you can now use Securus Technologies to speak to him or her from the comfort of your home. You can even get phone or video access on the very day you sign up for a plan and deposit money into the account; you may also reload the account with fresh funds 24/7. There is never an excuse to remain out of reach or touch as all is conveniently provided.


Securus Technologies’ Online Video Visitation platforms works similarly to the traditional through-the-glass visit that most prison visitors are used to – only that it conducts itself 100-percent online and offers longer spans of visiting time. In fact, it may even run outside of normal “allowed visiting hours” as long as your loved one has access to a laptop in his or her cell. Such access is usually permitted by the local guard, in the exception that the inmate retains good standing in the facility.