Eric Pulier and the Guideposts to Success

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur located out of Los Angeles and he has spent the majority of his career looking for ways to innovate within the tech field. Pulier is the founder of the vaunted XPrize Foundation as well as one of the most renown philanthropists when it comes to caring for children suffering from chronic illness. Pulier has established himself as a pioneer in the tech industry by always sticking to his guns and by doing what he does best. There is something to be said for consistency and Pulier embodies with approach.

The process that has kept Eric Pulier on such an even keel for so long involves his note taking. Pulier is the kind of guy who always needs to be jotting down notes in order to stay ahead of his own thoughts. Ideas can come at any time and Pulier relies on technology, which he always has on his person, in order to record these notes. Sometimes these notes come in a phrase, a quote, or a concept. No matter what, Pulier writes them down. Sometimes he ends up looking at the notes differently after awhile, putting together concepts he hadn’t planned on initially.

Knowing what you want to do is a big part of success as verities entrepreneur. Pulier has known his game plan ever since he was a child. Pulier fell in love with computers as a kid and followed that passion straight through to adulthood. Being so focused throughout his life has made it easy for Pulier to say that he wouldn’t do anything different, even if he had the opportunity to do so. Pulier points out what every good entrepreneur should know by now: your failures will often lead to Eric Pulier success. Pulier abides by the rule of thought that every experience is a learning experience. Pulier says of any potential changes to his past, “Such a shift would have also prevented me from achieving my highest potential that has often come from unreasonable leaps of faith.” Pulier’s confidence is to be admired and his preparation is to be emulated.

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