Evaluating Mike Baur’s Role in the Development of Upstarts

More often than less, tech startups fail because founders lack the necessary technical skills and financial muscle needed to establish strong business setups. Fortunately, this is likely to be something of the past if efforts by Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory are anything to go by. Baur is the brains behind World Web Forum/Next Generation. This is an organization that supports upstart entrepreneurs by partnering them with business experts with the aim of sharing ideas about success in the field of technology.


According to Baur, this opportunity couldn’t come at a better time for startup entrepreneurs and aspiring inventors since they now have an avenue for seeking clarification, feedback, and pragmatic advice concerning their startups. By getting business advice from renowned experts, they also stand a chance to improve their business management skills. Apart from Baur, other members of the panel of experts include Alasdair Snow, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Steve Wozniak. Baur came up with the idea of the Swiss Startup Factory after realizing that a significant number of tech startups were struggling in their quest to gain a foothold in the market.


About Mike Baur


Mike is among the most prominent businessmen in Australia. His brainchild, the Swiss Startup Factory, continues to elicit excitement from far and wide despite being relatively new in the market. Since his days in the corporate world, Mr. Baur had the desire to help upcoming businesses by giving founders an opportunity to network with experts. He organizes keynote speech and Q&A sessions so that the upcoming entrepreneurs can be adviced about the best strategies for success in the highly competitive technology market.


Prior to the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur enjoyed a hugely successful banking career that saw him serve in senior positions at notable institutions. These include UBS and Clariden Leu. His desire to help upstart entrepreneurs saw him plunge into the entrepreneurial world in 2014 when he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory alongside Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. His long career in the banking industry has played a role in the success of the company.


The alumnus of Rochester University and The University of Bern is delighted that through the Swiss Startup Factory, he has been able to accelerate the success of tens of upstarts. He counts Carhelper, Beacons Mind, and Stuckd among startups that have succeeded under his guidance. His headship of the organization has elevated him into one of the most decisive corporate executive in the Australian corporate scene.