Join the Traveling Vineyard as a Professional Wine Guide

Whether your dream is to work at home or abroad, you can do it all while working with one of your favorite things; wine! Wine isn’t just a luxury item for someone living in a mansion in the Bahamas. You, your friends, and family can enjoy wine anytime and anywhere and Traveling Vineyard’s goal is to share this truth with as many people as possible.

How do you know if you like a certain type of wine until you try it? That’s the idea that Traveling Vineyard built on back in 2001 during a simple wine tasting party in a backyard. Since then, it’s grown in size and now wine lovers everywhere are reaping the benefits of working with a medium they know well, while making invaluable social connections the process. Don’t limit yourself to hosting only parties with people you know. That’s a great way to start out until you get comfortable, but eventually you’ll be branching out to social circles across different places you only dreamed of traveling to before.

Working Traveling Vineyard, you’ll be introduced to the market at your own pace. Once you turn in your application and are approved to become an official wine guide, you’ll be paired up with an expert in your area who can show you the ropes. You’ll even be able to attend one of their own wine tastings to get a better understanding of what is needed from a successful wine guide.

Traveling Vineyard has gotten thousands of guides involved with their program since its first inception. They have a perfected party plan that they pass on to each of their guides, in order to be the most successful in direct selling, which is guaranteed to create a one-of-a-kind experience where you will have fun while making sales to support you and your family.

This plan is specifically designed to create an entertaining and educational atmosphere for your wine tastings. Traveling Vineyard is committed to helping their guides every step of the way. Until you are comfortable to set out on your own, you’ll always have that helping hand to lead you along to success.