Mike Baur Explains The Importance Of A Business Plan

A business plan is very important. It is the foundation of every startup company that is looking to establish itself in a particular industry. The plan represents the founders dream and is presented in a way that helps others understand what the business is supposed to be about. Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory exist to take these business ideas and form them into a successful operation. The plan is extremely important. However, it will never become reality without action.


Mike Baur knows exactly what it takes to go from being an employee to being a leader of others. Mike worked his way up from the bottom of the corporate world. He eventually became the leader of a large Swiss bank. At the age of 39 he decided that he wanted to do something different. Mike Baur ventured out on his own and launched the Swiss Startup Factory with the help of some partners. The Swiss Startup Factory is dedicated to helping new businesses develop their ideas. Mike and his team go into great detail and explain to new entrepreneurs what it really takes to get going in whatever industry they choose to operate in.


Building a company from the ground up is notoriously difficult. Finances play a key role in how these organizations will survive. The Swiss Startup Factory goes into detail about how to save money and avoid unnecessary expenses. There are many lessons to be learned in the beginning stages of running a business. All of these lessons cost money. The more knowledge a new entrepreneur has when going into a business the more they will be able to avoid financial hardships.


Recruiting Talent is yet another important aspect of building a business. It takes a team to have long term success. New business owners must know how to bring in the right employees that will help them realize the vision they originally intended. Leadership will make or break any company. The Swiss Startup Factory has a mentoring program that assists each person with setting the proper example for their organization.


Entrepreneurs must be dedicated to every aspect of their organization. Attention to detail will set the stage for how others who will behave. The freedom of being a leader also brings great responsibility. A business owner is responsible for their company 24 hours a day every day. Any deviation from a successful process could send a company into a negative direction.