NY Charter School Excells

As one of New York City’s premier Charter Schools, we set the standards high at Success Academy. The standards are not only for students but for parents and teachers alike.


Every student at Success Academy is given 80 minutes of direct instructional direction per day. After that, a series of small group learning experiences round out their program. Our curriculum of Science, Math, Art, Reading and Writing shape the children so they are ready to perform at their finest. Emphasis is on children learning through discovery. Students are encouraged to think, experience and try; all in an effort to make learning fun.


Our science program is one of the few in the country where children are treated as true scientists. Starting in Kindergarten, our scholars are exposed to one of the sciences (Life, Physical or Earth) on a daily basis. Through hands-on, interactive discussions with actual Science instructors, the children learn to examine results, evaluate data, and discuss observations. This daily exposure opens their minds to the world around them while developing critical thinking skills.


The Reading and Writing program at Success Academy follow the THINK Literacy curriculum where students are exposed to great literature. Challenging Math activities to develop problem-solving skills and promote working together to solve issues.


At Success Academy, we also have high expectations from our parents. We expect active participation in student programs as well as Academy committees. We expect attendance at Academy functions. Chaperone opportunities include field trips as well as classroom activities.


We believe teaching children is a partnership. Therefore, the leaders at Success Academy will engage parents in two-way conversations regarding your child’s progress and development. Attendance in off-site educational trips is encouraged so you can observe and participate in your child’s learning experiences. Our open door policy allows for parents to come and experience a day in our unique learning environment.


Success Academy is proof that providing the proper tools, giving proper instruction and providing an atmosphere of discovery generates students who excel. Couple that with increased family participation and you can transform the entire community.