Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Master of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Cases of botched up plastic surgeries that has left patients with severe damages have increased significantly with the increase in the number of people seeking for plastic surgery especially for aesthetic purposes. At the core of these botched cases is the numerous unqualified quacks masquerading plastic surgeons without the necessary training and certification by various bodies. However, there are equally more cases of successful plastic surgeries conducted by highly experienced and certified plastic surgeons with strong academic background. These professional plastic surgeons such as Dr. Jennifer Walden have built a strong reputation by using some of the best technologies and innovative approaches to give their clients the desired look. Their high quality services have received positive reviews of surgery from their clients and industry players.

Academic Background, Skills and Training

The excellent service delivery by Dr. Jennifer Walden, which has received favorable reviews from those she has served, is founded on solid academic background. She graduated in 1994 with honors from the University of Texas – Austin with a degree in Biology. In 1998, she graduated with honors from the same university with Doctor of Medicine degree before specializing in integrated plastic and aesthetic surgeries during her residency trainings at the university and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital between 1998 and 2004. Additionally, the numerous skills she has acquired over the years have also received rave reviews by her client base. She is a specialist in body contouring, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, laser surgery and hair removal and filers among others.

Career Background and Private Practice

After working for over three years at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital as the aesthetic surgery program director and at her private practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to full time private practice at Jennifer L. Walden in Austin, Texas in 2011. After moving her private practice from Manhattan to Austin, she also founded Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. The two practices, which she serves as the cosmetic surgeon, have also received positive reviews for their excellent customer relations practices.

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The Young Brilliant Mind at Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group is a firm that primarily focuses on giving entrepreneurs a hand so they can achieve their dreams. With the diverse services, Meriwether Group is capable of handling all its clients’ needs. Whether a customer is interested in growth, building a start-up, succession plan or fresh capital, the organization has a capable team to support them. Every businessperson is given a personalized plan that will suit their particular need. The founder David Marc Howitt has experience in licensing and business development as he worked at Adidas as the Vice Chairman of that department.

At Meriwether, an entrepreneur is a hero because they are building something that is bigger than them, something that is helping the larger community. Therefore, the firm mentors to them and walk with them throughout their journey to success.

Meriwether’s services

The company provides four main services. Village Family Capital and Mezzanine Debt Fund are both collaborators of Meriwether to offer clients capital. They give capital options, strategic vision and financing expertise in the capital partner service. The family office is a registered investment advisor to offer advice to anyone who needs to know more about investments.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their ventures, Meriwether Group has the accelerator service to help them. Lastly, the strategic options advisory service is for the company’s customers to view and pursue strategic options. While keeping in mind the overall goal of the client’s business, Meriwether helps them negotiate their possible choices.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt, the son of the founder of Meriwether Group, is the company’s Project Manager. At a young age of seventeen, Sawyer works with the executives of the company to provide innovation in the emerging technology of RFID checkout. For one year he was the Business Strategy Analyst of RFID Checkout.

Mr. Howitt is also an advisor on business development in Meriwether and an expert at developing effective business presentation and Excel spreadsheets. Sawyer Howitt is a student at the University of California pursuing a degree in Consumer Economics. Before that, he was at Lincoln High School. Although he has been working for just six months as Project Manager, his impact is highly felt at Meriwether Group.

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Richard Mishaan: The Designer Who Dares

In a world where everyone ventures into real estate, the need for exemplary designers has become of paramount importance. Richard Mishaan is one such artist who has risen the ranks to become famous for his designs. Severally he has been heard saying, “It is not the amount of money that counts but having a perfect eye.”



Born in Columbia, this designer started off his career as an apprentice in Phillip Johnson’s offices. This was after he had attended the Columbia University, school of architecture. Richard Mishaan is known for authoring two books; Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. In an attempt to understand the Richard Mishaan Design, you have to look at his published works.



Artfully Modern



In this book, Richard Mishaan’s design brings forward lavish spreads. Such would be seen in the lower Manhattan duplex penthouse that is ideal for a flourishing businessperson. Richard Mishaan designs a limestone stair hall where the walls have a custom woven basket pattern. He also secures a slot where he has items that can be sold to complement this duplex further. The duplex penthouse is further designed with innovative wooden boards and arched ceiling. This is to help reflect the Spanish Colonial influence on the Richard Mishaan design.



Modern Luxury



This book dives deep into the ideas that lie behind designing and how they affect the person. Richard Mishaan wrote his book at a time when the economy had crashed, and most people were rather conserved and did not go all out, into when it came to designing. He urged people that a tough economy wouldn’t last, but a beautifully designed house would go a long way with you.



Tips from Richard Mishaan Design



Paint your ceilings with a bright white and your walls with a warmer white as it gives your home a warm, welcoming touch. If your bedroom is small, instead of putting the bed against the wall, float it so that you maximize your space. Paint the walls behind your couch with a strong color as people will perceive this as a huge gesture and such gestures are perceived as large rooms.

Evaluating Mike Baur’s Role in the Development of Upstarts

More often than less, tech startups fail because founders lack the necessary technical skills and financial muscle needed to establish strong business setups. Fortunately, this is likely to be something of the past if efforts by Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory are anything to go by. Baur is the brains behind World Web Forum/Next Generation. This is an organization that supports upstart entrepreneurs by partnering them with business experts with the aim of sharing ideas about success in the field of technology.


According to Baur, this opportunity couldn’t come at a better time for startup entrepreneurs and aspiring inventors since they now have an avenue for seeking clarification, feedback, and pragmatic advice concerning their startups. By getting business advice from renowned experts, they also stand a chance to improve their business management skills. Apart from Baur, other members of the panel of experts include Alasdair Snow, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Steve Wozniak. Baur came up with the idea of the Swiss Startup Factory after realizing that a significant number of tech startups were struggling in their quest to gain a foothold in the market.


About Mike Baur


Mike is among the most prominent businessmen in Australia. His brainchild, the Swiss Startup Factory, continues to elicit excitement from far and wide despite being relatively new in the market. Since his days in the corporate world, Mr. Baur had the desire to help upcoming businesses by giving founders an opportunity to network with experts. He organizes keynote speech and Q&A sessions so that the upcoming entrepreneurs can be adviced about the best strategies for success in the highly competitive technology market.


Prior to the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur enjoyed a hugely successful banking career that saw him serve in senior positions at notable institutions. These include UBS and Clariden Leu. His desire to help upstart entrepreneurs saw him plunge into the entrepreneurial world in 2014 when he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory alongside Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. His long career in the banking industry has played a role in the success of the company.


The alumnus of Rochester University and The University of Bern is delighted that through the Swiss Startup Factory, he has been able to accelerate the success of tens of upstarts. He counts Carhelper, Beacons Mind, and Stuckd among startups that have succeeded under his guidance. His headship of the organization has elevated him into one of the most decisive corporate executive in the Australian corporate scene.


Patty Rocklage, a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist and a Supportive Wife

Patty Rocklage is an accomplished and experienced family and marriage therapist who operates in Massachusetts. Patty uses her warm communication skills to assist clients to overcome and work through the life challenges faced.

Patty Rocklage Career Background

Patty holds a Psychology Degree from the University of Southern California. Mrs. Rocklage has gained valuable skills such as public speaking, team building, coaching, teaching, and community outreach in the course of her Psychology Degree. These skills have enabled her to help people confront their issues and improve their quality of life.

Patty Rocklage and Husband Scott Rocklage Gift MIT

Scott Rocklage is a successful chemist and husband to Patty Rocklage. Scott Rocklage acquired his strong chemistry background at MIT and as a way of appreciation; the couple offered the chemistry department a financial donation in 2016. This donation was to support MIT’S renovation of nanotechnology and nanochemistry space in the lab. In return, the MIT honored the couple’s charitable gesture by using the newly refurbished labs to display their plaque.

Rocklage Home Renovation

Patty and her husband Scott had the desire to do a home renovation. They sought other contractors before settling for the Sudbury Companies and Ed Freedlender. Ed was a perfectionist at home improvements at minimum costs while the Sudbury Company focused on saving resources and energy. The couple had some issues with the set-up of their houses, for example, the kitchen was distant from the house and locating the visitors’ door was difficult. Ed advised them to renovate the existing kitchen then move it to another room in the home or to add a new kitchen in the house. Ed also gave them brilliant ideas on how to do reformations on the facade since at times visitors ended up walking to the barn. Ed was able to remodel and design the entry area and kitchen in the house. Also, Ed added space in the living room area and a constructed farmer’s porch.The project done by the Sudbury Company and Ed was a success, and the couple highly recommends Ed and his team for delivery quality as well as being timely. This renovation project is featured on Sudbury Construction Company as a case study.


Meriwether Group Company is an enterprise located in Portland, Oregon in the United States. The company serves as a brand building firm that operates in business in search of traffic to accelerate their business. The workers at Meriwether Group have long experience and a better understanding of how every type of business from small startup to larger scale enterprises works, I.e., of more than 455 firms worldwide.

Sawyer Howitt started to work with Meriwether group in 2015. He served as a business strategy analyst where his skills were seen to be significant and adamant. Howitt worked hard to see he comes up with something that will solve his current challenge at the company. After a short time, sure he did invent a RFID to checkout solutions for retail business. This invention saw him being promoted to a Project Manager of the Meriwether Group because of his hard work to see a problem within the company is solved.

The invention of RFID checking system was a breakthrough to both the company and Sawyer Howitt as an individual. The next challenge for Sawyer now is to be responsible in regularly improving the retail technology. The invention is a turning point in the field of commerce more specifically in retail technology.

Hard work continues to be the virtue and key to success for Sawyer Howitt.



The Story of Thor Halvorssenin 3 Minutes

Halvorssen is a film producer and a human rights activist. He was described as a champion of the underdog and the powerless by the New York Times. He started advocating for human rights as an adolescent back in 1989 while in London. He was fighting against apartheid in South Africa.Halvorssen is of Venezuelan and Norwegian decent. What inspired him to becoming permanent in human rights is the political imprisonment of his father in Venezuela.

He, later, initiated Human Rights Foundation based in New York. This foundation was inspired by the incidence where his mother was shot protesting in 2004. The primary organization goal was promoting political tolerance and democracy and liberating political prisoners in Latin America. Since 2004, the organization has fought for seven prisoners, who ended up being released, published two books about an individual right, submitted amicus briefs in major international human rights cases, and provided evidence in truth commissions.

Thor describes himself as a man who loves people. However, those he loves the most are freedom troublemakers, defectors, and dissidents who stand up against tyranny and authoritarians. The daily activity of his foundation, which has six workers, involves covering places around the globe trying to expose authoritarianism and give support to political prisoners and dissidents. Putting into consideration that half of the world lives under despotism, they have many areas to choose.Thor Halvorssen is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a global meeting which happens yearly. This forum becomes an event where human-rights beat reporters cannot afford to miss. Media personalities such as the PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Goggle’s Sergey Brin are the major donors. Thor is also an advocate of the Prague-based Children’s Peace Movement; On Own Feet.

How Life Line Screening Is Keeping Americans Healthy

Life Line Screening is a preventive health screening company that was started in 1993. The company is based in Independence, Ohio. It was started to offer health knowledge to people so that they could live better lives. They accomplish this through their screenings and by collaborating with doctors to detect health problems in the early stages.

The enterprise believes that prevention is better than cure. That is why they are committed to offering health screening services. They specialize in cholesterol screening, aneurysm screening, abdominal screening, diabetes screening, and heart disease screening. Life Line Screening uses the three types of preventative health screenings to detect diseases. They include finger-stick blood screenings, ultrasound screenings, and limited electrocardiograph.

The company hosts screening events at the community level. Licensed healthcare professionals oversee the events. These events are held at places of worship, community centers, corporations, and senior centers. The company has a workforce of thousands of employees who work hard to ensure that the needs of their client are met. The staff is highly trained to handle patients and to use the different types of testing equipment.

The clinical team of Life Line Screening is made up of distinguished and licensed physicians that have many years of experience in the medical field. They are responsible for reviewing the medical results before they are sent to the patient. They check the results to see if the person has any serious complications or diseases so that they can recommend an appropriate course of action. The company’s many years of operation have enabled it to set up clinical protocols and processes that ensure that their services are of high standard.

They have established partnerships with multiple organizations including insurance companies, business organizations, and hospitals. Their clients can enjoy various benefits such as subsidized treatment and prescription costs.

Samuel Strauch – Heading The Most Experienced And Dependable Real Estate Firm In Florida

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate properties in Miami or anywhere else in South Florida or Latin America, then Samuel Strauch is the man that can help you. He is one of the most prolific real estate agents serving in the area and over the years has helped many buyers and sellers to carry out their transactions smoothly and efficiently without hassles.

Samuel Strauch completed his studies from Hofstra University and went on to pursue an executive education at Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Over the years, Samuel Strauch has had a successful run in the acquisition, management as well as in the brokerage of real estate properties. His analytical thinking and ability to research the market thoroughly with foresight help him make smart business decisions that are helpful for his clients. Today, Samuel Strauch stands as one of the top real estate agents in the Miami real estate space that are known to help clients sell their property fast.

In a competitive market, it’s hard to sell real estate property at a good price or buy a property at a bargain price. However, Samuel Strauch can help his clients, whether they are buyer or seller to get a good deal. He currently serves as the President of the Affinity International Realty, one of the biggest and the most respect real estate firm in the area. Samuel Strauch also acts as a Principal of the Metrik Real Estate, a position he has held for the last 15 years. The company’s service vertical is divided into three core areas, which are real estate management, equity and development and real estate brokerage.

Metrik is one of the most progressive real estate firms in Florida and has a robust network in the real estate sector, benefiting both the buyers and sellers. The company aims to provide quick, reliable and affordable services to its clients.

Source:  https://twitter.com/SamuelStrauch

Fabletics: Try Before You Buy

Fabletics is an activewear brand that has captured the hearts of all activewear and Kate Hudson lovers alike. Curated by the Hollywood star, Fabletics has made quite a splash in the world of fashion, particularly in the active wear and leisurewear segment. Fabletics stands as a testimony to the fact that with the right amount of research tools and by listening to your customers, anyone can make it big in the world of fashion and retail. The online retail market is usurped by Amazon, where the market giant owns about 20% of the entire market share. This makes it a lot harder for brands to establish themselves in a place where people might not even know of their existence. But Fabletics managed to wade through the crowd and make a name for themselves as a retail giant, giving their customers exactly what they want.


As a brand, Fabletics puts their clients first. The brand knew that when they established themselves as an online marketplace, a large portion of the retail target market would not be involved, solely because they are adverse to online purchases in general. When Fabletics tried to find out the cause of the reason as to why these people had the notion about the brand, they realized that it was mainly owing to the fact that people had no way of knowing what quality clothes they were going to get when it was delivered to them. A large number of people want to see the clothes they buy in person before spending their money, and Fabletics worked to making that a reality.


Solely for the purpose of showing their customers that they do sell quality clothing, in 2015, the company opened up numerous physical stores across the country. Customers were encouraged to go to their stores and try out all the active wear they see and like online. By doing this, their customers were able to see for themselves what they would be getting when they ordered from Fabletics. This enabled the brand to dive deep into that segment of the market that was adverse to the world of online shopping. However, unlike other stores, customers aren’t compelled to buy the clothes they try on in store. Moreso, they are encouraged to go home and have a look at what they like once again to see if they are happy with their decisions on what to purchase. The store merely serves as a large trial room where people can come in and try on the clothes they see online. By doing this, Fabletics also shows potential customers the quality of clothing and also how these pieces would look on them.


Fabletics believes that only by listening to their customers and giving them exactly what they want, will they be able to establish themselves as a staunch company ready to take on activewear giants. Though a vast amount of market research, Fabletics has managed to formulate business strategies that not only help the company, but the people buying their clothes as well.