Patty Rocklage, a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist and a Supportive Wife

Patty Rocklage is an accomplished and experienced family and marriage therapist who operates in Massachusetts. Patty uses her warm communication skills to assist clients to overcome and work through the life challenges faced.

Patty Rocklage Career Background

Patty holds a Psychology Degree from the University of Southern California. Mrs. Rocklage has gained valuable skills such as public speaking, team building, coaching, teaching, and community outreach in the course of her Psychology Degree. These skills have enabled her to help people confront their issues and improve their quality of life.

Patty Rocklage and Husband Scott Rocklage Gift MIT

Scott Rocklage is a successful chemist and husband to Patty Rocklage. Scott Rocklage acquired his strong chemistry background at MIT and as a way of appreciation; the couple offered the chemistry department a financial donation in 2016. This donation was to support MIT’S renovation of nanotechnology and nanochemistry space in the lab. In return, the MIT honored the couple’s charitable gesture by using the newly refurbished labs to display their plaque.

Rocklage Home Renovation

Patty and her husband Scott had the desire to do a home renovation. They sought other contractors before settling for the Sudbury Companies and Ed Freedlender. Ed was a perfectionist at home improvements at minimum costs while the Sudbury Company focused on saving resources and energy. The couple had some issues with the set-up of their houses, for example, the kitchen was distant from the house and locating the visitors’ door was difficult. Ed advised them to renovate the existing kitchen then move it to another room in the home or to add a new kitchen in the house. Ed also gave them brilliant ideas on how to do reformations on the facade since at times visitors ended up walking to the barn. Ed was able to remodel and design the entry area and kitchen in the house. Also, Ed added space in the living room area and a constructed farmer’s porch.The project done by the Sudbury Company and Ed was a success, and the couple highly recommends Ed and his team for delivery quality as well as being timely. This renovation project is featured on Sudbury Construction Company as a case study.