Richard Mishaan: The Designer Who Dares

In a world where everyone ventures into real estate, the need for exemplary designers has become of paramount importance. Richard Mishaan is one such artist who has risen the ranks to become famous for his designs. Severally he has been heard saying, “It is not the amount of money that counts but having a perfect eye.”



Born in Columbia, this designer started off his career as an apprentice in Phillip Johnson’s offices. This was after he had attended the Columbia University, school of architecture. Richard Mishaan is known for authoring two books; Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. In an attempt to understand the Richard Mishaan Design, you have to look at his published works.



Artfully Modern



In this book, Richard Mishaan’s design brings forward lavish spreads. Such would be seen in the lower Manhattan duplex penthouse that is ideal for a flourishing businessperson. Richard Mishaan designs a limestone stair hall where the walls have a custom woven basket pattern. He also secures a slot where he has items that can be sold to complement this duplex further. The duplex penthouse is further designed with innovative wooden boards and arched ceiling. This is to help reflect the Spanish Colonial influence on the Richard Mishaan design.



Modern Luxury



This book dives deep into the ideas that lie behind designing and how they affect the person. Richard Mishaan wrote his book at a time when the economy had crashed, and most people were rather conserved and did not go all out, into when it came to designing. He urged people that a tough economy wouldn’t last, but a beautifully designed house would go a long way with you.



Tips from Richard Mishaan Design



Paint your ceilings with a bright white and your walls with a warmer white as it gives your home a warm, welcoming touch. If your bedroom is small, instead of putting the bed against the wall, float it so that you maximize your space. Paint the walls behind your couch with a strong color as people will perceive this as a huge gesture and such gestures are perceived as large rooms.