The Young Brilliant Mind at Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group is a firm that primarily focuses on giving entrepreneurs a hand so they can achieve their dreams. With the diverse services, Meriwether Group is capable of handling all its clients’ needs. Whether a customer is interested in growth, building a start-up, succession plan or fresh capital, the organization has a capable team to support them. Every businessperson is given a personalized plan that will suit their particular need. The founder David Marc Howitt has experience in licensing and business development as he worked at Adidas as the Vice Chairman of that department.

At Meriwether, an entrepreneur is a hero because they are building something that is bigger than them, something that is helping the larger community. Therefore, the firm mentors to them and walk with them throughout their journey to success.

Meriwether’s services

The company provides four main services. Village Family Capital and Mezzanine Debt Fund are both collaborators of Meriwether to offer clients capital. They give capital options, strategic vision and financing expertise in the capital partner service. The family office is a registered investment advisor to offer advice to anyone who needs to know more about investments.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to accelerate their ventures, Meriwether Group has the accelerator service to help them. Lastly, the strategic options advisory service is for the company’s customers to view and pursue strategic options. While keeping in mind the overall goal of the client’s business, Meriwether helps them negotiate their possible choices.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt, the son of the founder of Meriwether Group, is the company’s Project Manager. At a young age of seventeen, Sawyer works with the executives of the company to provide innovation in the emerging technology of RFID checkout. For one year he was the Business Strategy Analyst of RFID Checkout.

Mr. Howitt is also an advisor on business development in Meriwether and an expert at developing effective business presentation and Excel spreadsheets. Sawyer Howitt is a student at the University of California pursuing a degree in Consumer Economics. Before that, he was at Lincoln High School. Although he has been working for just six months as Project Manager, his impact is highly felt at Meriwether Group.